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Nurses Ball Episodes

Here you can find every Nurses ball episode from 1994-2014!
***Note: Port Charles epsidodes are not included here. These are only GH episodes of the Nurses Ball.

Nurses' Ball shows can be ordered in a 4 disc set:
Disc 1: Nurse's Ball #1 and #2 (1994-1995)
Disc 2: Nurse's Ball #3, #4 and #5 (1996-1998)
Disc 3: Nurse's Ball #6, #7 and #8 (1999-2001)
Disc 4: 2013 Nurse's Ball!
Disc 5: 2014 Nurse's Ball

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Disc 1: 1994-1995

1994   1st Annual Nurses Ball
This first installment of the Nurses Ball is one of the best!  One of the highlights of the evening is Robin and Stone's performance of Romeo & Juliet. Lucy's misguided attempt to patch things up between Bobbie and Tony gets Alan locked in a closet, leaving Bobbie without a partner to dance the Tango. Lucy has Tony step in for Alan, but Tony walks off the stage in a huff. Damian rescues Bobbie from embarrassment and dances with her, only to be cold cocked by Tony backstage when the number is through. The ultimate finale, of course, is Lucy winding up in the chorus line in her knickers, which sets the precedent for the next few years. (Two Episodes)  79 mins.

1995   2nd Annual Nurses Ball
This ball is my personal favorite because it has a little of everything. It is also when Stone reveals to everyone that he is infected with HIV. Miguel sings Power to Believe and dedicates the song to Stone. Alan, Emily, Tony and Kevin portray the lovable characters of The Wizzard of Oz, Lucy and Damian spar in a rendition of Anything You Can Do, while Luke, Lucky and Justus serve as backup singers to Mary Mae's Midnight Train to Georgia. Katherine tries to ruin Lucy's success by sabatoging the evenings proceeds, so Lucy, in the spirit of the cause, strips down to her undies to make up the difference. (Two Episodes)  78 mins.

Disc 2: 1996-1998

1996   3rd Annual Nurses Ball
This ball is short, but a lot of nice tidbits packed into one 40 minute episode. Ned sings We're Having a Baby to Lois. Katherine impersonates Marilyn Monroe by singing Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, but Lucy upstages her. Robin is the key note speaker for the evening, announcing that she is the "face" of HIV. Mac presents to her the AIDS Names Memorial Quilt he had made for Stone. At the end, Jason shows up to carry Robin off the stage when she breaks down into tears and can't continue. (One Episode)  40 mins.

1997   4th Annual Nurses Ball
Tony and Carly do a country number called There Ain't nothin' wrong with me that you can't fix. Backstage, however, they are arguing about the baby that Tony has just found out about. Luke steps in as Bobbie's dance partner for a disco routine (my personal favorite of all time). Edward and Emily do a number with the Ward House kids. Ned and Dara sing a duet. Katherine walks for the first time since her shooting, but still has enough spunk to cut Lucy's dress so that it falls off when she is on stage. As the ball comes to an end, Brenda is taken into custody by the police after the bloody murder weapon of Pierce Doorman is found in her car. This is the first Nurses Ball to include crossover characters from PC. (Two Episodes)  74 mins.

1998   5th Annual Nurses Ball
Lucky & Liz play cops with Dara & Taggert in "Jail House Rock." Alan and Robin sing a duet of "Someone to watch over me," but under the influence of drugs, Alan makes a fool of himself on the stage and walks off. Ned rescues Robin by filling in and finishing the song with her. Brenda, Lucy, Karen and Dara sing "Big Spender," just as Sonny arrives with his entorage. Ned & Emily sing "Power to Believe." Tony interupts the ceremony by taking the micorphone and critisizing everyone in the room. As the grand finale of the evening, Eve locks Lucy in her wardrobe closet, which then rolls onto the stage and opens up, revealing Lucy in her undies. (Two Episodes)  73 mins.

Disc 3: 1999-2001

1999   6th Annual Nurses Ball
The Quatermaine men sing a quartet, "I Feel Good." Jax & Chloe dance to "Cheek to Cheek." Lucy and Katherine sing "I'm a Woman." Tony sings the lead in "Jump, Jive and Wail." Emily & Ned sing "Forever Young." Carly is embrassed when Emily's video project accidentally captures Bobby & Jerry in the act. At the end, Eve and Katherine "facilitate" Lucy's ending up on stage in her knickers once again. Then, Lucy looks up and screams when she sees a dead man hanging on a rope. (Two Episodes)  74 mins.

2000   7th Annual Nurses Ball
Juan sings the lead in a rendition of "Footloose," backed by Emily & Liz. Lucy does a number with her ex-husbands, Tony and Alan. Later in the program, Emily & Juan sing "Lean on Me." The Ball comes to a conclusion with Carly confronting A.J. with a gun to get even with him for killing her unborn child, but Sonny talks her out of it and she puts the gun down. (I am missing about 8 minutes of this ball due a bad spot on my original tape.) (One Episode)  30 mins.

2001   8th Annual Nurses Ball
The final Nurses Ball is a good one! Edward sings "It's In His Kiss." Lucky, Nikolas & Gia do a number (Nik plays the sax, and Lucky, the harmonica). Lucy gets Luke to stand in and be Felicia's dance partner in her rendition of Swanee River, but Luke changes it to "Old Time Rock n' Roll" when they are on stage. Emily and Zander try to run away by hitching a bus out of town, but there is a terrible accident, and Emily ends up at GH with a broken back. Dara Jensen sings "Over the rainbow." (Two Episodes)  70 mins.

Disc 4: 2013!

2013   9th Annual Nurses Ball
The revived ball begins with an opening number by Ephihany, Felix and Elizabeth. Ellie and Spinelli do a routine to She blinded me with Science. Sam dances with Maksim Chmerkovskiy!! In a surprise performance, Frisco sings All I Need before asking Felicia to marry him! Duke and Anna dance their infamous Tango. Sabrina and Emma sing Call Me Maybe. Everyone is shocked by the apperance of Rick Springfield, who sings his superhit Jesse's Girl. Along the way, Richard Simmons crashes the party, and Lucy ends up in her undies. Brit inturrupts Patrick's speech to announce she's pregnant with his child! The ball concludes with a touching tribute to Robin. (Three Episodes)  2 hrs.

Disc 5: 2014

2014   10th Annual Nurses Ball
Guests arrive on the red carpet while Brit and Brad watch from home. The opening number by GH's nurses is cut short by the cunning Liesl Obrecht's show-stopper. Kiki and company do a routine to P!nk's Riase your glass. Ned brings back Eddie Maine!! In a surprise performance, Luke brings the show to halt by asking Tracy to marry him on the spot. Lucy performs the ceremony while Ned scrambles to try to stop it. Magic Milo makes a return apperance with fellow PC hunks to do their famous strip routine. Adorable tango by Cameron and Emma, which is thwarted by love-sick Spencer. Backstage, Scott makes a play for Lucy and they end up in a lip-lock as the curtians go up (with Lucy in her undies yet again!). More performances by Brad, Sam, Emma, Molly & TJ. The ball concludes with Ephiphany singing "You're Not Alone." (Four full Episodes).

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