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1980's Luke & Laura

All five tapes listed below are complete episodes and original recordings. The quality is excellant, as they are my own originals (the screen caps you see below are from the actual tapes). They can be ordered as VHS or DVD. Please E-mail me for details.

  Wyndom's: Night of Dreams  
July-August 1980 This tape begins with Luke and Laura in the hotel room (just after Luke's would-be wedding). They hit the streets of PC and go into Wyndom's Department store to evade the police. In the quest to find Laura a wig, Luke impersonates French hairstylist Monsier Robaire, and ruins a womans hair with a style he calls "Le Dip." Next, they go to work in the shoe department as "Carl" and "June", where Luke's skills as a salesman leave much to be desired. They spend the night in the store wining and dining, and dancing to "Facination," meanwhile, Hutch stays right on their trail, and kills the night watchman. In the morning, Luke and Laura find the man's body. They go to the bus station and Luke figures out that the left handed boy is in Fair Oaks. To throw off the hitman, they buy a one way ticket to Beachers Corners. (4 hours)

  Laura's betrayal: Part 1  
October 1980 The left handed boy incident has just concluded. Luke and Laura return to Beacher's Corners and call Joe Kelly. Hutch is wounded from the shoot-out in Fair Oaks, but is still tracking Luke and Laura. He hides in the barn. Luke and Laura make love for the first time. In the morning, Hutch corners Luke in the barn and holds a gun on him, but collapses before he can pull the trigger. Frank Smith is arrested, and the entire orginization is brought down. On their way back to Port Charels, Luke buys Laura a cigar band, and they pledge their love. They arrive at the police station and Laura betrays Luke by telling everyone that she is still Mrs. Scott Baldwin. Luke confronts Frank Smith. Laura returns to her apartment to find that Scotty is gone. He has left a note telling her that their marriage is over. Luke is taken into police custody for his own safety. (4 hours)

  Laura's betrayal: Part 2  
November 1980 One scene with Luke and Laura in Beacher's Corners; Luke is in protective custody, and mad as a hornet. Laura tries to get in to see him, but Bobby stops her; Captain Ramsey allows Laura to write a letter to Luke, but Luke tears it up and sends it back to her; Luke works in the back room at Kelly's. Laura tries to plead with him to forgive her; Laura tells Lee and Gail that she wants a divorce from Scotty; Luke and Laura run into each other in the park. Luke is more receptive, but Laura is bitter; Laura rents an apartment. (2 1/2 hours)

  Luke & Laura's Wedding  
November 1981 Laura wakes up and realizes that it is her wedding day, but is troubled by the fact that Helena Cassidine is in town. Luke wakes up and steps out onto the terrace, shouting "Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, King of the single life, is giving it up today!" Laura and the ladies prepair for the wedding at the Webber house. Laura is upset when she cannot find one of her earrings. Meanwhile, Luke is missing a stick pin. Luke and Laura each recieve an annynomous gift; A modle of the Titan. They are married at the mayor's mansion. Helena curses them. Scotty shows up and catches the boquet; Luke punches him out. Luke and Laura leave for their honeymoon on the farm in Beacher's Corners. Scotty is bitter, determined to ruin Luke and Laura's marriage. Joe Kelly is working to prove Heather innoscent of Diana Taylor's murder. Luke and Laura come home for Thanksgiving. Scotty's revenge begins when he tricks Ruby into an abandoned warehouse. (3 hours)

  Laura Returns  
November 1983 Laura is in her old apartment, hiding from the Cassidine men, she watches from out in the hall while Luke is sworn in as Mayor; Everyone goes back to the Mayor's mansion for the party. Laura walks around the grounds and sees Luke from afar. Luke leaves the party to visit Bobby in the hospital, and returns a short time later after everyone has gone. He steps out onto the terrace and sees Laura walking around the back lawn where they were married. He runs downstairs and they see each other, and run into each other's arms. Luke calls Rick, Lesley, Robert and Tiffany to the mansion to see Laura. They decide to handle the Cassidine situation by coming up with a false story for where Laura has been for the last two years; Luke confronts Stavros face to face; Everybody has a party when it appears that Stavros has left town, but he shows up at the end. (4 hours)

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