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Emily & Nikolas #1   December 28, 2004 - March 22, 2005   4 hours

Nikolas is in prison, Conner rapes Emily, Helena shoots Lucky, Emily denies the rape, Liz urges Em to be honest with Nikolas, Lucky moves into Wyndamire with Emily.

Conner gets a job at a wood shop in Canada. Meanwhile, back in PC, Emily and Skye try to figure out where Conner went. Emily admits that Helena being alive is a long shot, but they have to take it. Emily remembers the name of the town in Canada that Conner said he wanted to go someday.

Emily shows up at the wood shop and asks the owner about Conner, but the man lies and says that he works alone in the shop. Emily gets suspicious when she sees another work station set up. Later, Liz enters the shop in disguise. When Conner recognizes her, he bolts. Lucky tackles him to the ground outside the shop. They asks him to impersonate Nikolas to draw Helena out of hiding. Conner says no at first, but later changes his mind and offers his full cooperation.

Luke looks Conner over before the mascarade ball, and gives him pointers on being a Cassidine. Then he warns Em and Conner to be on the look out for anyone suspicious when they enter the ballroom. Later, Luke zeros in on a suspicious looking woman and pulls her aside, but it's not Helena. The woman says she dosen't know anything about Helena Cassidine, and was not hired to impersonate her, but Emily and Lucky think she is lying.

Emily walks into the Haunted Star and observes Conner trying to act like Nikolas. Emily teaches him proper fork etiquette. They have to hide when Tracy shows up looking for Dillon. After she leaves, Luke tells them that he thinks Tracy is being coerced into helping Helena, and that Em and Conner are going to have to put on a really good show to make Helena come out of hiding. Conner tells Em that she has to learn to light up when he walks into the room, the way she would for Niklolas. They do a dry run, but Emily finds that she can't fake it. Conner tells her to close her eyes and imagine Nikolas. While they do this, Helena watches from the doorway. Conner kisses Emily, and she accuses him of trying to use the situation to get her into bed. Later, Alexis tells Emily that the prison has granted Nikolas a conjugal visit.

Emily is warned that paying Nikolas a conjugal visit may tip off Helena, but Em doesn't care. She just wants to be with Nikolas. She goes to see him, and after making love, she tells him about the plan to draw Helena out of hiding. Nikolas insists that Helena is dead. Meanwhile, Helena shows up at the Haunted Star, and after a brief conversation with Conner, she figures out that he is not Nikolas. When a prison guard hits on Emily, Nikolas pounces on the man, and is thus sentenced to solitary confinement when the guard lies and says that Nik attacked him for no reason. Meanwhile, Conner keeps playing Nikolas despite Helena's skepticism. She pulls a gun and leaves just as Luke and Skye show up. The gang huddles and comes up with a new plan: they want Emily to fake a pregnancy to make Helena believe that she is carrying the Cassidine heir.

At Kelly's, Lucky blurts out to Liz that Emily is pregnant, but then tells her that it is all part of the plan to lure Helena. Emily has a change of heart and tells Luke that she cannot lie about something as important as Nikolas's child, but Luke convinces her to keep up with the farce. Emily prepares for Helena's next move by dressing in diguise. She also tells the family to gather for an announcement. She is just about to leave the Haunted Star when she finds Lucky unconscience on the floor. She runs to help him, but someone grabs her from behind and drags her out of the club.

Emily is blind folded and taken to Jake's (by Coleman). Helena shows up and tells Em that she does not believe Em is pregnant at all. She orders Coleman to kill her. Coleman says that he does not want to kill her inside his bar, so Helena says that she knows a good spot in the woods. When she steps out of the room, Coleman turns Emily loose, telling her that he agreed to a kidnaping, not a murder. Emily returns to the mansion to let everyone know that she is okay.

Lucky and Liz escort Emily to the safe house where Conner is hiding. Conner attacks Lucky when they walk in the door, thinking it is Helena. Left alone with Conner, Emily accidentally spills water on him and marvels at how much he looks like Nikolas when he takes his shirt off and she sees his tattoos. Later, Em gets mad at Conner when he kisses her. Conner asks Emily what she would do if she does not have Nikolas, and why she couldn't "move on" with Conner. Emily says that his resemblance to Nikolas does not matter to her, and that she feels nothing for him. Skye visits and gives Emily a letter from Nikolas. Conner sees her reading the letter and sneaks a peek at it when she leaves the room. Later, Conner fantisizes about making love to her. He walks into her bedroom and watches her sleep.

Emily starts to get concerned about Conner's strange behavior, especially when she finds him sitting in the basement in the dark. When Nikolas's letter is not in the same place that she left it. Emily asks him if he read it, but he denies it. Later, though, Emily walks the room and finds lit candles and champaign and strawberries, just like Nikolas described in his letter. Conner admits that he read the letter, but he claims that it fell out of Em's purse. Emily tells him that they need to steer clear of each other. She goes into her room and locks herself in for the night.

The next morning, Emily comes cautiously out of her room and thinks that Conner is gone the house is quiet. But he is still there, and acts hostile towards her. Lucky and Liz pop in for a quick update on Luke's search for Helena, and tell her that very soon she will be able to return to her normal life with Nikolas. After they leave, Conner comes onto Emily stronger than ever, then grabs her and forces her to kiss him. She fights him and he tackles her the floor, but she hits him with the champaign bottle and runs into the basement. Conner breaks the door down and rapes at the foot of the stairs. When he is done, he starts telling Emily how sorry he is, and that he got caught up in playing Nikolas. Emily grabs a pair of scissors, and Conner dares her to kill him. She stabs him and he collapses. Emily tries to call for help, but the phone cord is ripped out of the wall and she can't find her cell phone. When she returns to the basement, Conner is gone. She makes a run for the door, but Conner is there, and starts after her again. She grabs the gun from him and shoots.

Emily makes sure that Conner is dead. Shortly after that, though, Helena walks in. She assumes that Emily has just killed Nikolas, and grabs the gun to kill her. Emily fights off her attack, and Helena runs away when she hears a car outside. Lucky and Liz rush in. Lucky looks for Helena, but can't find her. Emily tells them what happened, but leaves out the part about having been raped. Lucky insists on hiding the body instead of reporting it to the police. Liz disagrees at first, but Lucky convinces her that it is the right thing to do. Liz asks Emily if Conner raped her, because she sees all the signs. Emily denies it, but Liz is skeptical, and tells Lucky that she thinks Emily was raped. Emily takes a shower and scrubs herself raw. Later, when they are about to leave, there is a problem with the car, and Emily waits alone in the house while Lucky and Liz go out to fix it. Helena walks into the room and points a gun at Emily, telling her that it is her turn to die. Emily tries to tell her that she killed Conner, not Nikolas.

Lucky finds where Emily is being held by Helena, but Helena forces him to drop his gun by holding Emily hostage. Emily elbows her, and Lucky and Helena struggle for the gun. Lucky is shot at point blank range when the gun goes off. Helena prepares to shoot Emily, too, but that is when Skye shows up with a rifle and makes Helena wait outside with her while Emily calls for help. At the hospital, Lucky is listed in critical condition, but stabilized. He asks to see Emily, and tells her to be happy with Nikolas. Then he slips into a coma. Emily blames herself for Lucky having been shot, but Liz assures her that it was not her fault. Later, Emily remembers the rape, and then freaks out and pounds on the elevator doors when she misses the elevator. Skye asks if she is okay, and Emily brushes it off as a mild panic attack.

Emily tells Monica that she went to Pentonville, but could not talk to Nikolas. She has decided not to tell him about Lucky or Conner's death, for now. Liz tells her that she needs to be tested for STD's from the rape, but Emily insists that she was not raped. Later, though, when she is sitting with Lucky, she tells him that someday the rape will be a distant memory that fades and fades, and she has to get through the pain until then.

Emily gets mad at Liz for talking to Dr. Meadows on her behalf, and keeps insisting that nothing happened with Conner. Later, Em has another flashback of the rape, and when Steven walks by and touches her arm, she freaks out and starts hitting him, telling him not to touch her. After she regains her senses, she apologizes. Emily cries on Liz's shoulder and tells her how Conner kept coming after her relentlessly. She asks Liz to help her get through it.

Nikolas, who has just been released from solitary, calls GH to have Emily meet with him. Emily comes to the prison, but she is distant, and pushes away from him every time he comes near her. When Nikolas tries to kiss her, she shoves him away and screams at him not to touch her. She tells him that she is stressed out between A.J.'s death and Lucky's coma, and tells him that she is sorry she ruined their visit. After she leaves, Nik calls Liz at the hospital and asks if something happened to Em that she is not saying. Liz lies to him for Emily and tells him that she is stressed out. Emily thanks her, but Liz says she is not going to lie for her again, and if she does not tell Nikolas about the rape, then Liz will.

Liz tries to convince Emily to tell Nikolas about the rape, but Em insists that there is nothing Nikolas can do, so there is no reason to involve him. Later, she catches Liz writing a letter to Nikolas, telling him all about it. Em says that she will never forgive Liz if she tells him what happened. Nikolas calls Liz to come and see him at the prison, because he thinks that Em's cancer is back, and that is what has gotten her so upset. Liz tells him he's wrong, and that Em is stressed out about all the stuff that's going on. Later, when Emily comes to visit Nikolas, she tells him that she wants a divorce. Her reasons are that she can't keep living alone with him in prison, and that they are spoiling what they had, so she wants to end it to give them both closure. Nikolas does not buy her reasons, and wants to know what is really going on. Emily returns to the hospital and sits with Lucky, telling him she needs one thing to go right. Then Lucky wakes up.

Emily asks Lucky if he would like to move into Wyndamire with her so that she can help him with his recovery. At first, Lucky doesn't think it is a good idea, but later changes his mind and accepts. Emily tells Luke exactly what she thinks of him for pulling the plug on Lucky, but Luke is rude to her and tells her off in front of everyone. Later, Skye asks Em if she is okay (because she has just found out about the rape). Emily puts on a smile and says that she is fine.

Emily takes Lucky to Wyndamire, where she snaps at the help, and has terrible nightmares about the rape. Lucky lets her cry on his shoulder.

Emily visits with Jason and confides in him, because she knows that he will not smother her with advise.


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Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #2   March 22 - August 16, 2005 4 hours

Emily tells Nikolas she was raped, Helena kidnaps Emily, Nikolas pretends to be Conner so that Emily can face her rapist, Emily avoids Nikolas, Nikolas befriends Courtney.

Emily holds a gun on two men who are beating on Sam at Kelly's. Jason talks Em into putting the gun down and wipes the prints from it so that she will not be bugged by the police. When Em gets back to Wyndamire, she tells Lucky what she did. Then she finds out that Lucky all ready knows about the rape, and knows that only Liz could have told him. Emily confronts Liz and tells her to back off and let her deal with it on her own.

Emily comes home only to find that Lucky and Liz have found her divorce papers. They try to talk her out of divorcing Nikolas. Emily tells them that it is her choice, and that she chooses to "let go."

Emily blows up at Luke for making unwanted advances to Skye. Then later, Emily tells Jason that she thinks she is losing her mind, and that she is worried about what will happen when Nikolas is released.

Liz tells Emily that Nikolas is allowed another visit in prison, and she could use this opportunity to tell him everything. Emily agrees with her and says that she will see Nikolas and tell him about the rape. She visits him at the prison, but rather than be honest with him, she keeps insisting that they are not the same people and wants a divorce. When Nikolas touches her, Emily freaks out and starts hitting him. The warden has Nikolas cuffed and restrained, thinking that he was forcing himself on Emily. Emily tells them that Nik didn't do anything, and she doesn't want him to be punished. Later, she goes to see him again, and Nikolas begs her to tell him what happened to her. Emily finally tells him the whole story, and that she did not tell him until now because she was afraid it would change the way he feels about her. Nikolas tells her that nothing would change his love for her, and that they can get through this. Emily says they can't and runs out on him. Later, she goes to GH to see Luke only to find out that his having been shot was only a ruse to attract Helena. Helena walks in and takes Emily hostage. Meanwhile, Nikolas works off his cuffs and attempts to escape from prison, but he does not get more than 10 feet down the hall before he is stopped by the guards. Nik tries to tell them that his wife needs him, but they are unsympathetic and punish him by withholding all phone and visitor privileges, and have him sent back to solitary confinement. Meanwhile, Helena drags Emily out of the hospital and holds her hostage in exchange for a large chunk of cash from Luke and Tracy. The real kicker is that Helena holds her in the basement of the safehouse where Conner raped her, and asks, "Does my grandson know that you cheated on him with another man?"

Helena returns to the basement and kill Emily, but Emily gets the gun away from her and holds a knife to her throat. Lucky and the police show up, and Emily turns Helena over to them. Helena is taken into custody, and Nikolas is freed from prison, but Lucky has to pick him up alone because Emily does not want to see him.

Emily hides out in the mansion while Monica keeps Nikolas from seeing her. Later, though, Nikolas sneaks into her bedroom and tells him that he will wait forever if he has to, but he will never give up on her. At the Haunted Star, Nikolas attacks Luke for making a crack about Emily.

Emily sees Luke at the Haunted Star to ask him how he and Laura were able to get over the rape. Needless to say, Luke is reluctant to talk about it, and makes her leave. Em runs into Nik on the docks and tells him that she wants to return to the basement where Conner raped her and face what happened. She asks Nikolas to come with her. When they get there, Emily tells him what happened in detail. Em admits that no matter what happens, she still feels trapped in this basement with Conner. Nikolas says, "I can get you out of here." Then he sets the place on fire. After setting the house ablaze, Em and Nik return to PC, where Emily thanks Nik for standing by her, and that she could never let an act of violence run their lives together.

Nikolas helps Emily study for her med courses, rewarding her right answers with chocolate chip cookies. But when Emily tries to grab the cookies, Nikolas forgets himself and tackles her to get them back. Later, Emily has a session with her therapist. She tells Nikolas that what she really needs is to be able to face Conner to get past what he did to her. Nikolas suggests that he could stand in for Conner so that Emily can vent her feelings. Emily does not want to put him through that, and does not want to hate him the way she hates Conner, but Nik convinces her that she needs to do it. Nikolas acts like Conner, and tries to touch her. Emily freaks out on him and screams at him, telling him how much she hates him, then collapses on the floor because it took so much out of her. Nikolas leaves the room, then admits to Liz that he finally understands why Emily can't stand the sight of him, and that being around him will only hurt her. In the meantime, however, Emily tells the therapist that she believes she has made a breakthrough and that she can finally put the rape behind her. She tries to call Nikolas, but he refuses to pick up the phone.

Nikolas comes to see Emily to tell her that his is filing for divorce to let her go so that she does not have to relive the rape every time she sees him. Emily convinces him that she has made progress since she has released her anger, and asks him to wait for her to heal. Nik agrees to wait.

Nikolas meets Emily at Kelly's and greets her with roses. He tells her that he wants to start over as if it were the beginning, when they first fell in love. Emily says she will do anything to get back to what they had. Later, they help Lucky and Liz paint their new apartment.

Emily walks through the park at the gazebo after Jax & Courtney's wedding. Nikolas shows up and tells Em that he has not put his wedding ring back on since he has been out of prison because he was waiting for her to put it on his finger. She puts it on. Then they kiss, but Emily pricks her finger on a thorn when she grips the roses. They go to Liz and Lucky's new apartment for a pizza dinner, and Liz bandages Emily's hand while Em confesses to Liz that she freaked out when Nikolas kissed her, and that is why she squeezed the roses. Later, Nikolas kisses her again, and Emily fakes that she is okay.

Em and Nik meet at the Metro Court and pretend that they are perfect strangers on their first date.

Nikolas comes to see Emily at Sonny's house, where Em is spending time with Michael. Nik accuses her of using Michael's problems to hide from him. They get into a fight, and Sonny walks in just as Nik grabs Em's arm. Sonny tells Nik to get out of his house. Nikolas asks Emily to come with him, but she refuses.

Nikolas comes to see Emily to tell her that he is giving her the space she needs. Then Em confesses to Sam that she has leanred to separate Nikolas from Conner, and wants to make love to him again. Later, Em goes to see Nik and tells him this. Nikolas doesn't want to hurt her or rush into things, but Emily assures him that she is ready. They make love, and Emily handles it well. Afterwards, Michael calls Em, upset about something but he wont say what. Em tells Nik that she will not run out on him, but Nik is understanding and tells her to go. At the house, Em talks to Sam and tells her that she faked it with Nikolas to make him feel comfortable.

Nikolas hints around about moving back in together now that they are man and wife again, but Emily stalls by telling him that she is enjoying having a secret affair with her husband. Then she tells him that she has to rush off to GH to cover for an intern. At the hospital, though, Em tells Liz that she only made up the story to get some space from Nik. Then she goes to see Sam and tells her that she wants her help to make Nikolas happy again.

Emily and Nikolas meet at the Metro Court, where Emily tells Nik that she is ready for a change in her life. She wants to move back to Wyndamire as man and wife. Nik wants to make sure that it is not too soon. Em assures him she's ready. They move back into Wyndamire and reminisce about all the times they have shared there.

Em and Nik accompany Liz and Lucky to Carly and Alcazar's party to kick off the hospital's charitable endowment. At the party, they become stuck there along with everyone else when the bridge is washed out from the storm. They get a moment alone while they are helping Alexis settle into bed. Nik admits to Em that things are not the same between them, and that he can't go on pretending that everything is okay when it isn't. Then he leaves the party. He returns a short time later, though, with an unconscious Courtney, whom he has found slumped over the wheel of her car. He carries her to the stables until she wakes up. They return to the house to news of Lucky and Liz's engagement. Emily is very happy for them, but Nik mentions that the timing is odd, and reminds Lucky that he doesn't have to rush into something he is not ready for. Emily takes offense to that, because she feels that Nikolas is referring to his own marriage. They get into a fight, and go out to the stables to argue in private . . . except that Courtney is there, and hears their entire fight, including learning about Emily's rape. After Emily storms off, Nik kicks the bale of hay that Courtney is hiding behind and finds out that she is there.

Emily and Nik have another talk and Nik asks her not to give up on them. Em says she could never give up on their love, and asks him to kiss her, not as if he is afraid, but like he always used to. Later, they stop by GH to bring Alexis her coat, and Nik overhears Em tell Jason that it is hard for her to be with him, but she is going to stick it out.

The morning after the storm, Nik tells Em that he overheard what she said to Jason, and that he does not want to be with her if he is hurting her, and that maybe he should just let her go. Em tells him not to even think of it.

Tensions run high between them when Nikolas finds out that Emily helped Jason and Sam hide with Michael without telling him about it. Matters only get worse when Sonny shows up and defends Emily. Emily tells Nik to back off Sonny, because the real issue is them and their "crumbling marriage." Nikolas says, "so much for working it out," and leaves. Then Nik runs into Courtney on the pier while he takes out his frustration by punching some crates. Nik and Courtney chat about their marriage problems. Then Nik returns home to Emily, and hears Em telling Sonny that she is not the same person that married Nikolas, and she never will be. Then they have another fight.

Em and Nik are having pizza at the Pizza Shack when Em rushes off to work, coming up with a thousand reasons why she can't spend time with him when she comes home. Nikolas gets drunk and walks out onto the pier where he runs into Courtney and tells her that he is ready to give up on his marriage. Then he kisses her. The next morning, Nik lies to Em about where he was last night. Then he meets Courtney on the roof of the hospital to tell her that they can never kiss again, and that he likes her too much. Then they get stuck on the roof during a rainstorm. Later, Emily discovers Nik and Courtney on the roof by chance when she pops in, and Nik lies about how they both happened to be there. Later, when they run into Jax, Courtney and Nik lie about why they are both wet, and neglect to mention that they were stuck on the roof together. Emily overhears them lie to Jax. When Nik asks Em why she did not bust him in front of Jax, Em says that she did it as not to embarrass Courtney, because sometimes lies are necessary to keep the peace. Nik doesn't like that answer, and leaves. He goes out on the pier and contemplates tossing his wedding ring in the river. But then, Em shows up and they decide to work things out yet again, and kiss. That is when Courtney shows up and sees them. Nikolas goes to get the launch, and when he is gone, Emily hears a noise and realizes that Courtney is there. They have a conversation, and Emily asks Courtney what her feelings are towards Nikolas. Courtney says that she has none, and she only wants to make her marriage work.

Nikolas has another chat with Emily as she works her rounds at GH. Then, Nik has a word with Monica about all the hours that Emily has to endure, and finds out that Emily volunteered to work like a dog just to avoid him. After that, Nikolas confronts Emily with it, and they have another argument. Later, Nik sees Courtney on the docks, and kisses her again.

Emily tells Monica that she has come to the realization that she is not ready to give up on her marriage, and that she wouldn't blame Nik for "looking around," since she hasn't been close to him in so long. Monica assures Em that Nik is not a philanderer. But then Liz, who overhears their conversation, speaks to Monica in private and tells her that she saw Nikolas kiss Courtney on the docks. Monica tells Emily.


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Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #3   August 16 - October 31, 2005 4 hours

Emily catches Nikolas and Courtney in the bahamas, Emily moves into Sonny's guesthouse, Emily tells Nikolas she doesn't love him, Nik sleeps with Courtney, Carly stabs Emily, Courtney discovers she's pregnant.

Emily does not believe that Nikolas would cheat on her and calls him right away so that they can straighten it out. Nikolas, however, is on a plane to New York. At least that is what she thinks. In reality, he is on his way to the Bahama's to clear his head. But then he is surprised to learn that Courtney is occupying the seat across the isle. She and Jax are on their way to the Bahama's as well. But then, Jax calls to tell her that he will not be able to make the flight, and to go on without her.

Nik and Courtney find themselves across the hall from each other in the same hotel, all by coincidence. Nik rescues Courtney from a snake in her room. Courtney invites him to stay for dinner, feeling like they are doing nothing wrong. Meanwhile, Emily gets the story straight from Liz as to what she saw on the docks. Later, Emily finds out from Lucky that Nikolas went to the Bahama's, not to New York. Emily shows up at the hotel and finds Nikolas's room, but he is not there. Then, when she steps back out into the hall, she sees Nikolas departing from Courtney's room. Both of them are dressed in bath robes. Nik whisks Emily off to his room so that he can explain that his and Courtney's being there together is a coincidence, but she does not believe him and wants a divorce. Then Jax, who has just arrived and learned about the whole mess, pulverizes Nikolas, because he thinks Courtney has been sleeping with him all along. Then Jax and Emily jump on the next flight back to PC, leaving Nik & Courtney alone. Nik asks Courtney why they should keep on resisting each other when both of their marriages are "rubble on the ground." They almost make love, but stop themselves, realizing that they still love their spouses and want to save their marriages. In the meantime, Emily returns to GH and tells Liz what happened in the Bahama's. Liz tries to convince her that Nik loves her and would never betray his vows. After that, Emily goes to Sonny's house to see Jason, only to find out that he is on extended vacation with Sam. Emily tells Sonny about her problems with Nik. When Sonny figures out that Courtney is the "other woman," he tells Emily to consider the matter "in his hands."

Nikolas returns to PC and finds Emily at Sonny's house, having been left a note by Em that she would be there. Nik is surprised to find out that Em is moving into Sonny's house. Nik tries to explain again how he ended up in the Bahama's with Courtney, and swears on his life that he did not sleep with her, but Em still does not believe him.

Courtney comes to see Emily to try to explain herself, which is to no avail. Meanwhile, Nik runs into Jax, who punches him.

Emily meets Nik on the docks to give him back her wedding rings. Nik refuses to take them, but she leaves them on the bench and walks away. After that, Lucky & Liz try to patch things up between them by calling Emily, Nikolas, Jax and Courtney all over to their place to force them to work things out. All they accomplish, however, is creating a huge fight, which ends with Liz having severe cramps and blacking out. She is rushed to GH, where she is checked out. It is nothing serious, and she is okay. While they are waiting outside Liz's room, Em tells Nik that she could never stop loving him. Later, they run into each other on the docks and share an umbrella in the rain. Nik swears again that he never slept with Courtney, and never would have. Emily believes him, because she can "see the truth in his eyes." Nik promises that he will wait as long as he has to until she is ready to come back to him. Em hugs him and leaves. Then Courtney, who heard the whole thing, walks out and tells Nik that she is happy for him and acts like she wants to say something, but can't. When Nik gets home, he can't stop thinking about her. Later, Em shows up to see him at Wyndamire, and thinks that the wine and two glasses that are sitting out are for her. Emily kisses him, but she can feel that something is off about him, and suspects that Nik is thinking about Courtney. When Courtney shows up, Em is positive that things are not over between them and leaves. The only reason for Courtney's visit, however, is to tell Nik that she is getting back together with Jax, and to say goodbye.

Nik runs into Emily when she takes Michael at Kelly's, and they have a fight. Emily still wants to end their marriage. Later, Nik runs into Courtney on the pier.

Emily talks to Justice and Alexis to begin divorce proceedings, and admits that her love for Nikolas is gone. Then Alexis goes to see Nik, and tells him what Emily said. Nik grants Emily the divorce. When Em shows up, Nik makes her admit to his face that she doesn't love him anymore, and they both agree to let it go. Later, Courtney shows up to tell Nik that she overheard Jax plotting to divorce her once the baby is born, and she is through with him. She kisses Nik. Nik & Courtney sleep together. Afterwards, they decide to be honest about it to Jax and Emily. Nik escorts Courtney to the launch and back to the mainland. Meanwhile, Emily has a change of heart and comes to see Nik, telling him that she loves him the way Liala loved Edward, and wants to stay with him through the good times and the bad. "Or am I all ready too late," she asks. Nikolas is honest with her, and tells her that Courtney came to him and he slept with her. Emily can't honestly blame him after what she said to him, and wishes him happiness. Later, Emily bawls and yells at Jax for driving Courtney into Nik's arms.

Nik & Courtney run into Emily and Michael at Kelly's. Michael is mad at Courtney and blames her for Emily's unhappiness, but Emily tells Michael that it is not Courtney's fault. Later, Michael mentions to Lucky that he can hear Emily cry herself to sleep every night. He confronts Nikolas and tells him that he is a fool for dumping Emily. He calls Courtney a slut, and Lucky punches him.

Courtney & Nikolas snuggle in bed and chat about Wyndamire and how cold it is in the winter time. Courtney mentions that they can have snowball fights, and Nik flashes back to a snowball fight he had with Emily. Later, they run into Emily and Michael at Kelly's, and when Michael is rude to Nik & Courtney, Nik blames Em for it.

Emily runs into Nik & Courtney smooching on the docks.

Emily calls Nikolas to meet her and tells him that she has realized that she is mostly to blame for their breakup, and she wants to let go of all the anger and hate and respect the love they once had.

Carly becomes delusional and thinks that Emily is Faith Roscoe, threatening her with a baseball bat, but Ric and the others stop her from using it. Later, Em runs into Nik in the park, and makes Michael apologize when he is rude. Later, Carly comes by and sees Em as Faith again. She grabs a garden tool and walks up to Em, saying "I'm not going to let you hurt my children again." Emily struggles with Carly and manages to get the garden tool away, but then she accidentally falls on it. When Nikolas happens to walk by, he calls for help. Carly runs away. Nik accompanies Em to GH and waits during her surgery. She comes through it just fine.

Emily tells Nik that he doesn't have to stay with her, but Nik says he wants to. Then he tells her how impossible it would be to go on if she had died.

When Em is released from the hospital, Nik offers to take her home, but she declines, because Max is waiting to take her back to Sonny's. Nik tries to talk her out of it because of Sonny's dangerous world, but Em insists that she is safe now. When Nik returns to Courtney, she announces that she is ending their relationship. Courtney explains to Nik that she can't deny his attachtment to Emily, and doesn't want him to stay with her out of a sense of duty. Nik refutes that, and tells her that he is with her because it feels good, and he thinks they have a chance at a real future. Courtney tells him that she needs time to think. After that, Nik runs into Lucky, Liz & Em at Kelly's and says it "feels like old times."

Courtney tries to convince Emily that she belongs to Nik, and offers to take over looking after Sonny's kids for her, but Emily says that she won't leave unless Sonny asks her to. Later, Em overhears Courtney and Sonny talking, and learns that Courtney is pregnant, and Nikolas might be the father. After Courtney leaves, Sonny convinces Em that she needs to tell Nikolas the truth. Emily meets with Nikolas right away, but can't bring herself to tell him. Instead, she uses Lucky & Liz's wedding as an excuse for the emergency meeting. She wants to plan it with him. After that, she confronts Courtney to tell her that she knows about the pregnancy, and will tell Nik soon if Courtney does not do it. Later, Em and Nik meet at Kelly's to start planning the wedding. When Courtney walks in, she assumes that Emily is telling Nikolas about the baby, and says, "You couldn't wait to get to him, could you?" Emily comes up with a lame excuse to cover the incident so that Nik will not know what they are really talking about. Later, however, Courtney tells Nikolas that she is pregnant. She does not want him to feel obligated, but Nik says that he wouldn't walk away even if there was no baby. After he learns that Emily knew about the pregnancy, he goes to Sonny's compound to tell her that he knows, but that it is too soon to make any plans until they know for sure who the father is.

Nikolas brings Emily to Wyndamire to show her the ballroom where the bacchanalia was held all those years ago. He is planning to get the ballroom cleaned up for Lucky & Liz's wedding as a surprise. Emily makes a hasty retreat when Courtney walks in in a nightgown looking for Nik. Later, when Courtney is alone, Helena walks in. Courtney makes it clear to Helen that she will never get near the baby, no matter who the father is. When Nik returns, he makes Helena leave. Em & Nik start cleaning the ballroom together, and reminisce about the bacchanalia. Later, Courtney receives a call about the test results.

On the day of the wedding, Emily and Nik present their surprise to Lucky & Liz, who are thrilled. Everyone gathers at Wyndamire for the wedding ball. Meanwhile, Courtney tries to find Nikolas to tell him about the test results. The wedding begins. Jax walks over to Courtney during the music to find out what is wrong. Courtney blurts out that she is pregnant, and he is the father.


Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com
Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #4   October 31 - December 30, 2005   4 hours

Lucky & Liz are married; Em & Nik treat them to a train ride to NY, the train crashes, Lucky is injured, Emily feels responsible when Reese dies, Emily starts to get a crush on Sonny.

After the wedding ceremony, Nikolas introduces Lucky & Liz for their first dance as man and wife. Later, Courtney tells Nik that he is not the father of her child. Nik is crushed, but still wants to be part of the baby's life. Jax barges in and says, "I'll be the father to my child." After that, Nikolas tells Emily.

Emily and Nikolas present their last few surprises for Lucky & Liz's wedding, including the honeymoon suite at the MC hotel and two weeks in Manhattan. Meanwhile, Lucky & Liz try to convince Em & Nik that they have a perfect opportunity to get back together now that the baby is Jax's. Nik confesses to Lucky that he is in love with Courtney.

Emily and Nikolas prepare the wedding train for Lucky & Liz's honeymoon trip to New York, then round up Lucky & Liz at the MC hotel. After that, Nikolas invites Courtney to come with for the train ride to Manhattan. Jax tries to forbid her to go, but she reminds him that she is not his property and goes anyway. For that reason, Jax tags along, announcing that he has had his own private car attached to the train. Soon, Ric, Alexis, Reese and Sonny all end up tagging along for the ride. The train pulls out.

Emily helps Sonny with is decision as to whether or not to let the doctors drug Carly, and Nik overhears Emily talking about the time she almost died and Nik "willed" her to live. Later, the train crashes with another a commuter train coming from New York (which is carrying Robin and Sam).

Sonny is the first to emerge from the overturned train car, followed by Emily, Reese, Ric and Alexis. None of them are hurt. In the meantime, Courtney, Jax and Nikolas have to dig their way out of the second train car to get to Liz, who is screaming for help because Lucky is hurt and bleeding. Liz and Emily keep Lucky alive with the few medical supplies they have. In the meantime, Jax volunteers to be the one to go off and try to climb out of the tunnel. Later, there is a major collapse.

Everyone is okay after the collapse....everyone except Lucky, who becomes buried alive. Liz digs him out and keeps him alive. In the meantime, Courtney tries to help remove some rocks from a collapsed passageway and falls, hurting herself. There appears to be no harm to her child, however.

Alexis fights labor pains. Emily proposes that she take a muscle relaxer to slow down the contractions until help arrives. Meanwhile, Luke, Liz & Nikolas load Lucky onto a stretcher and find a passageway to the surface. A wall of rocks blocks their escape, but Jax and Lorenzo dig through on the other side. They manage to pull Lucky through, then Luke follows closely behind, but the tunnel collapses. Nikolas and Liz become trapped in a cavern together, and it begins to fill with gas. Meanwhile, Courtney gets anxious and can't stand to wait around for Alexis to die, so she runs off into the tunnels to find help.

Nikolas manages to plug up the gas leak, and he and Liz are saved by the rescue workers. Nikolas goes back into the tunnels with Jax to look for Courtney. They find her unconscious on the ground. Courtney wakes up and is okay. Suddenly, there is another cave-in, and Nikolas becomes pinned beneath some falling rocks. Courtney refuses to leave him behind. Jax tries to dig Nik out, but there is another cave-in, and Jax pushes Courtney to safety. When they return to Nikolas, he is completely buried. They have no choice but to return to the antique trains, where Robin and Emily have just performed an emergency C section on Alexis and saved her babies life. Jax & Courtney have to face Emily and tell her that Nikolas was buried alive. Emily breaks into tears, but then Nikolas miraculously shows up, unharmed. Emily rushes into his arms.

When Ric learns that Alexis is not going to make it as result of blood loss, he entrusts Molly's safety to Courtney, who is on her way out of the tunnels with Jax & Nikolas. Robin, Emily and Ric stay behind to be with Alexis.

Jax, Courtney and Nikolas make their way to a place where the wall caved in, and Jesse digs through on the other side. In the meantime, Ric sits with Alexis until she falls asleep, never to wake up, but a few moments later, she does, miraculously. "I have a lot to live for," she tells Ric.

Courtney is rushed to GH with cramps. Nikolas gives Jax the only availble seat in the medivac to be with her. Then he goes back in the tunnel to get Emily out, but he has to dress as a fire fighter and sneak in. He finds her, along with the entire rescue team, but it is too late to save Reese. Reese dies, and Emily takes it hard, since she feels that she should have diagnosed Reese's internal injury sooner. Nikolas makes sure that Emily makes it out of the tunnel safely.

Emily is taken to GH after she collapses from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Nik visits Courtney, who basically tells him that she has decided to stay with Jax to the "right thing" for her baby. After that, Nik goes to see Emily, who is still torn up about Reese's death. Nik helps her to see that it was not her fault. Later, Emily goes to the Hospital morgue and breaks into tears, telling Reese that she is sorry.

Alan and Monica point out to Emily that she is avoiding her medical studies when she calls in sick to the hospital just to make plans for thanksgiving dinner at the mansion. Later, at GH, Emily is on duty when Dillon walks in with a cut on his forehead from a minor accident. When Dillon faints, Emily over-reacts and orders an MRI, but Tony over-rules her and diagnoses it as nothing more than excitement. Afterwards, Em confesses to Liz that she is rethinking her decision to be a doctor.

Emily takes Michael and Morgan to see Carly at Roselawn. After the visit, Carly warns Emily about how easy it is to fall in love with Sonny. Emily tries to assure Carly that she has no interest in Sonny, only in taking care of her boys. But later, Sonny returns home with the good news that Jason has recovered his memory. Emily rushes into his arms, but when they part, she looks deeply into Sonny's eyes and freezes up. "I'm sorry," Emily says. "For what?" Sonny asks, not realizing that Emily is beginning to have feelings for him. When she mentions that she is taking a sabbatical from medical school, Sonny tries to talk her out of it, but Emily keeps insisting that Reese's death was her fault and she is not good enough to be a doctor. Later, Emily has a dream in which she sees herself kissing Sonny.

Emily is so upset from the dream that she pours herself a stiff drink. When Liz drops by, she points out how odd it is to find Emily drinking and assumes she is still upset about Reese's death. Later, Emily has another dream where Monica, Carly and Liz all come down on her for falling in love with Sonny. Then Sonny kisses her again, and she runs for the door, but can't get it open. She wakes up screaming when Sonny comes home.

Emily and Nikolas take a moment to reflect on the one year anniversary of their wedding after Liz tricks them into running into each other at Wyndamire. When the memories become too painful, Emily apologizes for bringing up the past and leaves in tears. She stops at GH to let Liz know that her plan did not work, and to stay out of her life because she and Nikolas are only friends.

Courtney stops by to ask Emily again to step down from taking care of the boys because it is impeding Carly's recovery. Emily cites the fact that Courtney has already taken away her husband, home, and friends. "For God's sake, leave me with something." Em finally gets fed up and signs the divorce papers, presenting them to Courtney and wishes her every happiness with Nikolas. Then Nik walks in. He signs the papers, too, then offers to drive Courtney home, since the roads are bad, but Courtney charges off on her own to give Nik and Em a chance to talk, but as soon as she walks outside the front gate, a tree branch breaks from the weight of the snow and falls on her, lacerating her leg. Nikolas carries her back inside the house. With no way to call for help, he asks Emily to stitch her up, but Emily freezes up and says she can't do it.

Nik & Em get Courtney to GH, where she is stitched up. When Emily notices the nurse making a mistake, she holds her tongue, second guessing herself, but later learns that she was right when the attending nurse gets chewed out. Nik says to her, "Why can't you have faith in yourself the way I do?"

On New Years Eve, no one shows up at the Quartermain's party because of Luke's bad reputation. They wait around all evening, then toast the new year early just to get it over with. After they clear the room, Emily is left alone. That is when Nik shows up, looking for Courtney, but decides to stay and ring in the new year with Emily instead. New years montage.


Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com
Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #5   June 20 - November 30, 2006  6 hours

Sonny breaks up with Emily, Colleen becomes obsessed with Nikolas, Emily and Nikolas grow closer, Colleen poisons Alfred, Emily becomes suspicious, Nikolas is reunied with Laura.

At Kelly's, there is a party to welcome John into the world. When Carly and Jax show up with the boys, Nikolas refuses to let any of them near the baby because of what they did.

Colleen teaches Nikolas how to burp the baby. Later, she rigs a baby monitor so that Helena can listen in at the door. Nikolas warns Colleen about Helena and instructs her to run if she ever approaches John. In the meantime, Emily receives an invitation to the Haunted Star. Thinking Sonny had sent the invitation , she rushes right over, but when she arrives she runs into Nikolas, who is there to go over business with Luke. When Sonny arrives and sees them together, he smashes a bottle and tries to cut Nikolas with it. Emily manages to talk him down, and Sonny leaves. Afterwards, Nikolas intends the call the police and have Sonny arrested, but Emily begs him not to, claiming that Sonny is Bipolar, and it's not his fault. Nikolas fears for Emily's safety with Sonny and tells her to call him if she ever feels threatened.

When Nikolas runs into Colleen talking to Helena on the docks, Colleen screams and pretends she is afraid of Helena. In the meantime, Emily worries about Sonny when she finds him missing. Jason brings Sonny home, but he's in rough shape. Emily tries to talk him into getting treatment for his illness, but Sonny insists he's "broken." Jason returns and makes Emily leaves for her own good. Meanwhile, Nikolas decides to take John out of the country to keep him away from Helena.

Nikolas returns home with John and Colleen. Robin drops by to ask Nikolas if he minds if she rents Courtney's loft. After that, Nik runs into Carly on the pier. She begs him to let her spend some time with the baby, but Nikolas is unwilling to negotiate.

Emily returns to Sonny and finds that he's much better, but still in need of professional help. She talks him into beginning therapy.

When Carly shows up at Wyndamire to see John, Helena instructs Colleen to do everything she can to dissuade Nikolas from getting involved with her because she is nothing more than a gold digger. Later, Emily drops by, and Colleen watches jealously from the doorway when Emily holds John, and Nikolas comments on how natural she looks. Colleen casually strolls in and removes John from Emily's arms, which seems strange to Emily. Emily tells Nikolas that Sonny's therapy has brought her to make a few revelations about the way she handled her own therapy after the rape. She apologizes for the way she pushed him away.

Emily shows up at Wyndamire to see Nikolas, but it turns out to be a ploy by Alfred to get them back together. Nik invites her to stay for tea and they have a chat. Soon, Nik receives a message to meet Robin for dinner. Emily is amused and asks him if he's dating Robin. Nikolas shows up at GH to confirm the dinner with Robin, but she tells him that her mother set it up to meddle in her life.

Nikolas takes John to GH for his first checkup, accompanied by Colleen. Emily soon shows up, having been called by Alfred as another attempt to throw them together. Colleen glares from afar while they have a chat in the lounge. Later, Nik runs into Em on the pier. They have another bonding moment, and Nikolas admits that he was never happier than when they were married.

Nikolas has a change of heart and offers to let Carly and the boys be a part of John's life. Meanwhile, Emily helps encourage Sonny to continue his therapy even though it hard for him.

Nikolas thanks Alfred for his meddling in order to get Emily back into his life, because he really enjoys her company. Emily shows up to see John, and Colleen gets jealous. They take John to see the horses in the stables. In order to make Emily look incompetent, Colleen claims that she found John face down in his crib (after Emily put him down) which could have caused him to smother.

Emily returns to Sonny, who is much calmer now, and he apologizes for yelling at her. He also tells her he doesn't want to put her through this any more, and breaks up with her, even though Emily tries to fight him on it, but she realizes she has no choice and leaves. She returns to the mansion and asks Edward if she can move back in. Edward is delighted and asks, "Did that cretan hurt you?" In the meantime, Liz asks Nik to talk to Lucky, whom she believes is addicted to pain medication. Nik meets with Lucky, but he becomes violent and attacks him.

Nikolas comes up with the idea to change John's name, because it reminds him Jax's lie. Alfred suggests that Nikolas call Emily for her input, which bothers Colleen. When Emily shows up, Nikolas reveals the new name for John: in honor of his brother and sister, he names him Spencer Cassidine. Later, Colleen appears in a revealing bikini and asks Nikolas if he wants to go for a swim. Nik agrees and gets ready to join her, but when Emily shows up, Colleen offers to take care of Spencer so that Em & Nik can be together. Emily senses how much Colleen dislikes her and mentions it to Nikolas.

Emily and Nikolas are just about to sit down to dinner when Lucky stumbles in (high on drugs) and announces that his marriage is over.

Nikolas asks Emily to spend the night, which angers Colleen. In order to get rid of Emily, she laces the stairs to the launch with sun tan lotion, causing Emily to slip and fall on her way out, but her plan backfires, because Nikolas comes running as soon as he hears her scream and carries her back inside, insisting that she stay the night.

Colleen suggests that they take Spencer to Greece to escape the heat and humidity, and Nikolas agrees, but then Emily shows up with the shocking news that Lulu is pregnant. Nikolas cant see leaving her in such a situation and tells Colleen the trip is off.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she has cancer, and asks him to look after her children if she dies. When he returns to Wyndamire, Emily helps him cope the idea that Alexis is sick.

Liz comes by to tell Nikolas that she's pregnant, and doesn't know what to do about Lucky.

Nikolas asks for Emily's help in getting Lucky into rehab. Colleen stands and listens at the door when she hears them talking. Alfred pulls her aside and warns her to stop obsessing about Nikolas or he will get her fired. Later, Alfred orchestrates Em & Nik into going to the mayor's cocktail party together, but before they leave, Alfred collapses from an apparent heart attack. Emily and Nikolas get Alfred to the hospital. Colleen acts worried and offers to help by watching Spencer. While they are waiting for news of Alfred at the hospital, Emily and Nikolas visit Alexis. Nikolas overhears Emily tell her that she is alive because of Nikolas.

Colleen makes up a story about an ex boyfriend to try to help him with Lucky, but then Emily walks in and steals the limelight, which makes her angry. To get back at her, she gets Emily to miss an important call from GH by turning her pager off and getting her bawled out by Monica.

Emily offers support when Nikolas learns that Alexis is worse, and might not survive.

Alfred tells Nikolas that he thinks the collapse that put him the hospital was not a heart attack, but an attempt on his life. Nikolas suspects Helena (which Colleen likes when she listens at the door). Nikolas tells them all to be extra careful for the time being. Emily tells him that she has a medical conference in Greece. Nikolas offers to take her, but Emily tells him that it would be too awkward. Instead, they plan to meet her at his house in Athens in a few days. Later, Colleen walks into the stables with a knife. Later, she cuddles Spencer and tells him that something "terrible" is going to happen to Nikolas, but it "had to be done." Later, Alfred runs in and tells her that Nikolas has fallen off his horse. At GH, Patrick looks at Nikolas' swollen knee. Nikolas tells them that the saddle slipped off. Colleen gets him home and pampers him, then she tells him that she looked at the saddle and it was cut, not torn from wear (she knows that Nikolas will suspect Helena).

Colleen drugs Nikolas and proceeds to kiss him while he's out cold. "What are you doing?" Emily says when she walks in. Colleen covers by telling her that the pain meds Nikolas took put him into a deep sleep and she couldn't wake him up. Emily wakes Nikolas up, but he is groggy, and kisses her. Later, when he is fully awake, Emily laughingly tells him about the kiss.

Emily catches Colleen bending over Nikolas for the second time and asks her what she's doing. Colleen says that she was checking Nikolas to make sure he is still breathing (because of the scare from the other day. Emily tries to convince Nikolas to replace Colleen, because her crush on him might jeoparodize Spencer's safety. At GH, Emily has Bernie do a background check on Colleen and finds out that 2 out of 3 of the last jobs she had as a nanny wound up with the fathers dying mysterious deaths. In the meantime, Colleen drugs Nikolas again and slips into bed with him. Then Helena walks in and catches her. "Get away from my grandson you little tramp!" Then she tries to slit Colleen's throat, but when Emily shows up, Colleen screams for help and claims that she caught Helena trying to smother Nikolas in his sleep. In private, Emily tells Nikolas what she found out, but Nikolas defends Colleen and blames Helena for all the turmoil going on.

Helena meets with Emily, and Helena admits that she was behind Colleen's getting a job as Spencer's nanny. She warns Emily that Colleen is a threat, then she is dragged away and committed (because of Nikolas). In the meantime, Nikolas asks Colleen to explain her shady work history. She explains that she didn't think he would give her the job if she had told him.

Nikolas visits Laura at Shadybrook, but first runs into Robin & Patrick outside her room. He asks if there has been some change in Laura's condition. Robin tells him that unless some kind of miracle treatment emerges, there is nothing they can do for Laura. But later, when Nikolas and Lulu visit Lucky in rehab, they figure out that Luke is starting Laura on a new treatment that could bring her back.

Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu storm into Laura's room and demand to know what Luke is doing to her. When they find out that the drug could put her in a permanent vegetative state, Nikolas tries to get the needle out of her arm, but Luke restrains him. Lucky sides with Luke that this what Laura would want, and she would be willing to take the risk. Later, however, there seems to be no response from the treatment. "I hope you're happy, where ever you are," Luke says and starts to leave the room, but then Laura says, "Luke." Luke comes back to her in bewilderment. "Is that you?" he asks. "Of course it's me," she says and smiles.

Robin comes out to the courtyard to tell Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas that Laura has come back. They rush in to see her. When Laura sees Lulu she gasps and says, "Oh my God, you're all grown up. How long have I been like this!" Luke says, "It's been 4 years, Angel." Laura has a hard time accepting that she's lost 4 years of her life. Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu all fill her in on what's been going on with their lives (except Lucky's drug addiction and Lulu's abortion). Nikolas tells her about Spencer and Courtney's death. Laura is happy to learn that she has a grandson, and another on the way. Then she says to Lulu, "Please tell me you haven't made me a grandmother, too." Lucky quickly jumps in to cover for her.

Emily brings Alexis candy for Halloween while she's in the hospital. Then Nikolas brings in some imported chocolates. Alexis pushes Nikolas to get back with Emily, but Nikolas can see right through her and figures out that she's trying to create another stable home for Molly and Kristina. Later, Nikolas sends Emily a message to meet her on the bluffs. He tells her what Alexis tried to do, and tells her that if they do get back together, it should be because they want to. Nikolas and Emily throw a surprise birthday party for Liz.

Nikolas tells Emily about Laura's comeback. They go to the Haunted Star to celebrate. Later, Luke barges in and clears the place so that he can call a meeting with everyone in the loop so that they can all get their stories straight. "You mean get your story straight," Nikolas quips. They all agree to let Luke tell Laura what he thinks she should know, for now. Then he tells them about the upcoming wedding. This is when Tracy walks in. "Oops, that could be a problem, because in case it slipped your mind in all the excitement, you're married to me."

The day of the wedding, Lucky helps a nervous Luke do his tie, while Emily and the girls give Laura meaningful trinkets for her to wear down the isle. The wedding begins with Lulu walking down the isle as the maid of honor, then Laura. Nikolas gives her away. When the minister asks if anyone objects to the wedding, Tracy stands and starts to speak, but Monica trips her, and Alice hauls her away over her shoulder. "Did you see that?" A bewildered Laura asks. "I see only you," Luke replies. They continue the wedding and exchange vows. When Laura is speaking, she freezes up when she sees Helena in the distance. "Laura, are you still with me?" Luke says, fearing that she is fading away. Laura looks again and sees that Helena is gone, so she pulls herself together and continues. They are pronounced man and wife.

Luke and Laura call a meeting with Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas at the house. Laura starts to break it gently to them that her recovery is only temporary, and she is doomed to return to Shadybrook, but Lulu can't handle it and runs out of the room. Luke goes after her to try to explain why he lied about it. Laura defends what Luke did and makes all of them understand that she is glad to have had a few perfect days of hoping for the future, but now she wants to treasure every moment she has left.

Laura decides that what she wants more than anything is to have one last Christmas with her children. "Well, what are you all standing around for?" Luke says, "Mrs. Spencer wants Christmas, Christmas is tonight!" They all scatter to get the goodies and the decorations. Later, the family all gathers together. Luke returns with a tree and sets it up, but Laura gets confuses and says, "Why is there a Christmas tree here?"

The next morning, the kids arrive with presents and start to exchange them, but Laura zones out again. She insists on calling the doctor to find out how much time she has left. Patrick comes over to evaluate her, and tells her that she could slip away at any time. Laura tells the kids that she wants go back to Shadybrook now while she's still able to. Lulu is appalled and accuses her of giving up. "This is the only way I can be courageous and face what is happening to me." After they arrive at Shadybrook, Laura begins to fade fast. She says goodbye to each of her children individually, starting with Nikolas.

Nikolas unloads on Emily about how hard it was to say goodbye to his mother, and how mad he is at Luke for lying to her.


Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com
Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #6   December 1, 2006 - February 12, 2007  6 hours

Nikolas fires Colleen, Colleen kidnaps Spencer at the pageant, Nik and Em track her to Denver, Spencer is found, Hostage crisis begins, Emily operates on Robin, Craig forces her to choose.

Emily comes to see Nikolas at the stables, but they both have a good laugh when they realize that Alfred has set them up again. When Emily tries to leave, the door is locked, trapping them both inside. They find a packed picnic basket full of Emily's favorite foods. Emily soon figures out that Nikolas planned the whole thing. They have a long talk about their relationship and decide that no matter how bad things got between them, it has led them to a good place. They make love. Later, Colleen walks in on them, but then comes up with a million apologies for the interruption. When she leaves, Emily insists that Colleen it out to ruin their reconciliation. After that, they return to the house, and Nikolas shows Emily all the info he has found from Colleen's work history, and agrees to fire her. But later, Colleen is nowhere to be found. Neither is Spencer.

They all fear that Colleen has taken Spencer, but then she casually walks in with him. "Where have you taken my son!" Nikolas demands. Colleen innocently claims she went for a moonlight walk. Nikolas asks for a moment alone with her, then lowers the boom, telling her that her services will no longer be required. Colleen has a bad reaction and starts crying, begging Nikolas to keep her on. Later, she tells Helena that they will all have to pay.

Lucky and Liz help Emily and Nikolas decorate the tree at Wyndamire, but Liz makes a hasty retreat when Lucky gets a little too close. She admits to Emily that she wants Lucky back, but she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to trust him again. Meanwhile, the guys chat about their love lives. Later, Colleen comes to see Nikolas and tells him that she wants to resign because she's afraid Spencer will pick up on her sadness at having to leave. Emily is quick to agree that it's best if she leaves right away. After that, Colleen visits Helena, who's chained up in one of the parapet towers and tells her how she plans to leave her there to starve to death, and to make Emily and Nikolas pay by kidnaping Spencer. Later, she comes to say goodbye to Spencer, but Emily takes Spencer away after she drools all over him. Nikolas agrees to let Spencer play baby Jesus for Michael's school pageant. Emily and Nikolas chat. Emily gives Nikolas a present: three stockings for the fireplace mantle. Meanwhile, Colleen changes her appearance by dying her hair and wearing glasses. Emily talks Nikolas into taking Spencer to the mall to see Santa, but she has to twist his arm since Nikolas doesn't want to get involved in the crass commercialism of Christmas. After they return, Nikolas grumbles about how he will never do that again, but Emily thinks it was a blast. Nikolas is also nervous about the upcoming pageant at Michael's school. In the meantime, Colleen rents an apartment and tells the landlord, "my son is going to love it."

Emily and Nikolas arrive at the pageant rehearsal. Emily laughs as Nikolas as he refuses over every detail and worries for Spencer's safety, coming up with a million different calamities that could befall the infant. In the meantime, Alfred makes a startling discovery in the north tower of Wyndamire and calls Nikolas to come home at once. It's a bed rigged with handcuffs where someone was obviously being held prisoner. Nikolas calls the police to come and dust the place for forensic evidence. He wants to know who was held prisoner and why.

Emily and Nikolas proudly watch Spencer play baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant. Colleen appears as a singer in the chorus, and Helena lurks in the shadows. After the pageant, Nikolas finds Spencer missing from the manger. He panics instantly, but when he looks over and sees Emily with Spencer's stroller, he relaxes and thanks Emily for taking Spencer. Emily is dumbfounded and tells Nik that she doesn't have Spencer; the stroller is empty. Nikolas becomes frantic. A full scale search ensues for Spencer, but he's nowhere to be found. Nikolas suspects Helena, and doesn't believe her when she says it was the unhinged Colleen.

Nikolas is a mess. He tells Emily he should have listened to her warnings about Colleen months ago. After that, they get a lead on Colleen. Lucky has some surveillance tapes from the airport of a woman holding a baby. Nikolas can tell it is Colleen. Meanwhile, Colleen arrives in Denver with Spencer.

Nikolas gets frustrated at the police station when he feels that the cops aren't doing enough, and storms out. Emily follows him to the pier and tells him that he has to pull himself together. Later, Lucky calls with another lead. He found out that Colleen went to Denver.

On the plane to Denver, Emily and Nikolas come up with a cover story to explain to people why they are looking for Colleen. Emily tells Nikolas that he is going to have to act more "middle class."

After coming up zero at all the baby stores in Denver, Emily and Nikolas put their heads together and figure out that Colleen will need to get a job someplace where she can take Spencer, so they check into the local listings for daycare centers and zero in on the one in Cherry Hill, where Colleen has family, and show up there pretending to be parents who want to look over the place before leaving their child there. Colleen overhears them and hides herself. Spencer is sitting out in plain sight, but Em and Nik can't see him from where they are. In desperation, Colleen pulls the fire alarm and flees with Spencer during all the confusion. After that, Em and Nik come clean with the woman in charge and tell her that Colleen is a kidnaper and convince her to help them find her. Meanwhile, Colleen returns to her apartment to get some things before running. When she walks in the door, someone is waiting there for her.

When Emily and Nikolas show up at Colleen's apartment, she is long gone, but they find a picture of Spencer, which proves he was there.

With no idea where Colleen has taken Spencer, Nikolas insists on tearing the apartment apart looking for clues, but Emily is adament that they should get the media involved. Then a man shows up at the door looking for "Sarah," claiming that he knows her from the daycare. They get a lead from him about a place where she might have been headed to, but later, we see that the man was paid by Helena to give them a false lead.

Emily and Nikolas show up at the house where Colleen might have been headed, but there's no sign of anyone. A policeman busts in on them and they have to explain what they are doing there. Then the cop receives a call on his police banner about a car speeding down the road leading down the mountain, which crashes through a guard rail and rolls down a ravine. When they arrive at the scene, the cops have to hold Nikolas back to keep him from charging down the cliff. They refuse to send a rescue team down the mountain because it's too dangerous. Emily tries to help Nikolas hold out hope that Spencer survived. Meanwhile, we see that Helena has Spencer and is flying off into the unknown with him.

Nikolas and Emily return to the house after searching for Spencer all night and coming up with nothing. Nikolas insists on going back to help and leaves Emily to get some rest, but a moment later, Colleen shows up with a gun! She explains that Helena staged the crash and has Spencer. Emily fights her for the gun and gets it's away. When Nikolas arrives, he calls the police and has Colleen arrested. Then he and Emily head to Greece to find Spencer.

Nikolas and Emily arrive in St. Petersburg and find out where Helena is. They walk in on Helena having Spencer baptized under a different name. "My son's name is Spencer," Nikolas says, announcing his presence. Helena shocks them both by threatening to kill Spencer if they don't back off. But then Emily offers to trade herself for the baby. Helena takes the bait and hands Spencer over, grabbing Emily instead. Emily manages to struggle free and Helena gets away.

(Flash-forward to the hostage crisis at the MC. The police are staked outside the hotel. The SWAT team moves in with tear gas. Gunfire erupts from inside. Nikolas carries Robin out. The lobby explodes....) Emily and Nikolas return home with Spencer and get him checked out at GH. Afterwards, they gather at Wyndamire with their nearest and dearest to welcome Spencer home. A toast. Then Bobbie asks them to attend the charity event at the Metro Court later that evening. Nikolas tries to get out of it, but Emily insists they will be there.

Emily chats with Liz about the charity event at the MC and asks her if it will bother her to go with Lucky. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Lucky chat about the same thing.

Em and Nik arrive at the charity event along with half of PC, but then masked men with guns storm the lobby. The leader of the pack raises his gun and fires several shots to get everyone's attention. "This is a robbery! Everyone stay were you are and it will be over in 5 minutes!"

The cops surround the Metro Court Hotel and watch as Sam jumps off of the hotel and runs toward them to warn them about the hotel being about to explode. Nikolas runs out of the hotel with Robin in his arms. He lays her down and Patrick runs over to check on her condition. Sam and Nikolas yell for their loved ones as an explosion rocks the hotel.....

12 Hours before in Port Charles.

Lucky shows up to see Laura and is happy to see Luke. Father and son share a hug. Luke tells Lucky that he charted a boat and went around Europe but that no matter how far away he went, he couldn't stop thinking about Laura. Lucky tells Luke that Elizabeth is doing fine with her pregnancy and that he found out that Maxie lied about being pregnant. Luke tells him it was a mistake for him to get involved with Maxie to begin with. Lucky agrees.

Inside the hotel, Mr. Craig, disguised in a ski mask and black clothing tells everyone to stay where they are and don't move. He tells them that his men are going to go around the room and wants them to put all of their valuables inside the bags. Sam tries to push the silent alarm behind the service desk but Mr. Craig notices it and tells her to put her hands up where he can see them.

Luke shows up and learns from Lucky who is inside the hotel because of the hospital fundraiser. Meanwhile, Elizabeth takes out her cell-phone and tries get Lucky's help but Mr. Craig notices her and has his men grab for the cell-phone and rough handle her a little bit. Emily yells at them to be gentle because Elizabeth is pregnant. Maxie is standing behind the desk with Sam and makes a remark to Elizabeth about how she shouldn't endanger Lucky's baby by trying to be heroic because it was stupid. Carly steps up and tells Mr. Craig off. She tells him she is one of the owners of the hotel and that she is responsible for the welfare of her guests and employees. Mr. Craig orders everyone to take out their cell-phones, beepers, or pagers and put them in the bag. Mr. Craig makes Carly take off her engagement ring and put it in the bag also. Carly refuses to give up her ring in order to keep Mr. Craig talking so she can try to remember why his voice is so familiar to her. Sonny steps in and tries to get Mr. Craig to let her keep the ring. Carly gives up the ring anyway. Carly and Sonny try to create a diversion so that Sam can set off another silent alarm and close the vault shut. Sonny whispers to Carly that he doesn't think this is just a simple robbery and that they are here to look for something. Sonny thinks this involves the shipment that Alcazar was waiting for that made him desperate enough to try and kill him over finding out about. Sonny goes over to one of the clerks and asks him if Alcazar stored anything in the vault earlier today. Carly confronts Mr. Craig again to divert attention onto herself. Mr. Craig has two of his men go into the vault and take a hostage with them. They grab Maxie, who protests as they drag her into the vault room. Sam hits the button behind the desk to close the vault down and Sonny motions to her not to do it just as Mr. Craig turns around. However, it is too late and the steeled door to the vault starts to close. The two men and Maxie try to get out of the vault before it closes but only one of the men escapes and Maxie ends up locked in the vault with the other guy and Alcazar's briefcase still inside with them. Maxie is scared and starts babbling about getting killed inside the vault because of a lack of oxygen. Mr. Craig's man tells her there is enough oxygen for them to breathe just fine. Maxie asks him not to shoot her. Meanwhile, the other guy returns to report to Mr. Craig that the vault door shut completely and he couldn't get the briefcase out with him and the other two are sealed inside. Carly informs Mr. Craig that the vault will remained sealed for the next 12 hours before they can activate it to open again. Mr. Craig tries to not let it bother them. Sonny tells him he should leave while he can because a lot can happen in 12 hours like the police may come in and shoot them before he can get into the vault. Suddenly Mac's voice can be heard from outside announcing the police's arrival and how the place is surrounded. Mr. Craig tells them that he won't be able to escape now and takes everyone as hostages. He tells everyone that he wants them to play a game. He has some sort of black box in his hand and tells them he is going to toss it to someone and he wants them to say their name and give themselves a nickname that tells him something about them and they get points if they rhyme. The hostages toss the box around and do what Mr. Craig asks. One of the hotel clerks freezes and can't think of a nickname and Mr. Craig points a gun at him as if he is going to kill him. Mr. Craig also takes Sonny's gun away as well. Mr. Craig shocks everyone when he takes his gun and shoots Robin all of a sudden for no real reason. He tells them he did it to show that he is in charge and they must do what he says or they will be next.

11 Hours Earlier —— 6 p.m.

Outside Metro Court Hotel, the hostage situation escalates. Mac orders Rodriguez and Lucky to go inside and get as many people as possible out before things get worse. Meanwhile, Spinelli tells Jason about Alcazar's briefcase.

Inside, Maxie and Three are still stuck in the vault. Maxie is curious about why there is a flashing light on the briefcase; Three informs her it is set up to self-destruct if anyone tries to take it. She nervously makes an attempt at conversation in order to find out the identity of this "Three" character, but he makes it very clear that he's not interested in getting to know her as a person. Maxie cant believe that he isn't even curious what is inside the briefcase, especially since it could possibly kill them.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, Sonny dares Mr. Craig to shoot him; Mr. Craig cocks his gun and points it at Carly, saying "Ladies, first." Later, a severely injured Robin starts moaning. Alan says he's a doctor and demands that the robbers to let him help her; no dice. Sonny speaks up, reminding the criminals that if they get caught they'll go to prison for good, especially for killing innocent people. He tells them it will go much better for them if they let the medical personnel assist Robin. Finally the baddie allows Elizabeth, Emily and Alan to assist Robin. Alan loses it and railed at Mr. Craig because he is unable to properly care for Robin in such conditions; the hooligan has Alan pistol-whipped and dragged away to an office down the hall.

At the charity event at the Metro Restaurant, no one is aware of the events unfolding below them. When everyone finds out the elevators are down, it becomes obvious that something is very wrong and tensions rise. Tracy comments that she is having a bout of déjà vu because the exact same thing happened when the Port Charles Hotel fire occurred; no elevator service and a large group of people trapped on the top floor. Everyone scoffs at her until Lucky suddenly arrives with Rodriguez (both in bullet-proof vests) to ask the charity-goers to please quietly and calmly evacuate the building because of a "security matter." They all escape down the stairs, but once outside they start counting those who were still missing; Chaos erupts.

Later, Nikolas offers the criminals one million dollars (admitting he is a filthy rich Cassadine) if they let Robin go; Sonny counters that he has a better offer because he has lots of power in the P.C. He barters that he'll find a way for the robbers to escape if they let Robin go; they don't dig the proposition. Then Carly tries to create a diversion, but Sonny stops her, demanding she not do anything he doesn't tell her to do. Meanwhile, Mac calls Mr. Craig via the lobby phone to tell him that the building is surrounded. Craig smugly tells him that he's not intimidated by the police, and adds that he shot Robin and she's bleeding to death as they speak. Meanwhile, Spinelli calls Jason to let him know about Craig's claim that he has shot Robin. Patrick, who is standing there with Jason, is horrified to hear this.

Back outside, Luke doesn't agree with how Mac is handling the hostage crisis, noting that Lulu is still inside. Mac says he is doing the best he can and reminds Luke that Georgie, Robin and Maxie are inside as well. When Luke discovers where Lulu was last seen, he resolves to go inside to find her but Mac stops him. Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli try to figure out why the hostages are being kept alive.

Craig explains to the hostages that the entire hotel is laced with explosives so they better just sit down and relax unless they all want to die. Sonny decides the masked men are likely going to wait until the vault was opens, then blow up the entire hotel. He tells Carly stay quiet and do nothing to provoke them, because he is not about to let his children lose both their parents.

Ten hours earlier…….

Mac threatens Luke and tells him he will arrest him if he tries to go into the hotel. Lucky tries to talk Luke out of going in. Ric arrives and calls Metro Court to speak with Mr. Craig. Luke tries to convince Lucky that they need to get in there and help Lulu. Ric asks Mr. Craig if he can get him anything, Mr. Craig says he will think about it and hangs up. Ric tells Mac that Mr. Craig did not mention Robin and then starts to give orders to the rest of the police officers.

Patrick arrives at Metro Court and asks Ric to call back and ask about Robin. When he does so, Craig says that Ms. Scorpio is bleeding but breathing. He is clearly angry that they did not wait for him to call back and, when asked if he can release Robin or allow supplies to be brought in to help her, he says he will think about it and hangs up.

Spinelli tells Jason that the vault will reopen again at 5:27 a.m. Jason calls Skye to ask her once more if she knows what is in the vault and what Lorenzo's condition is. Monica overhears Skye on the phone and then proceeds to lash out at her over Lorenzo's involvement and the danger that Alan and Emily are in. Spinelli breaks into the Metro Court surveillance system and he and Jason review the footage from when the mercenaries took over the hotel. He tries to figure out which one of them is Mr. Craig and tells Spinelli to find out all the information he can about him. He tells Spinelli that he will go into Metro Court and try and take out the mercenaries himself.

Emily says that Robin needs surgery. Craig torments the hostages and takes a shot in Sonny's direction but hits the wall. He continues to threaten everyone with the detonator. Craig says they'll play a new game and he will pair everyone up and the one without a partner loses. Lulu inquires about what will happen if there are even people. Craig says that he will have to get rid of someone and points his gun at Elizabeth. He then has one of the mercenaries take Elizabeth to another room. Once placed in the other room, Elizabeth turns on the lights and realizes she is in the same room as Alan. He appears to be in pain, but all he cares about is how Robin is doing.

In the other room, Craig moves Emily away from Robin and pairs her up with Sonny. He makes Carly go and help Robin. After he is finished, it appears that Max is the odd man out and Craig holds the gun on him. Carly yells that Max needs to help her with Robin and Craig allows him to go over. Lulu is caught trying to maneuver away from the crowd, and Craig goes to her but Carly diverts the attention back to her when she again yells that she needs Emily's help. Emily gives Carly a tip on applying pressure to Robin which angers Craig. He becomes suggestive with Emily and asks what she will do for him if he allows her to help Robin. Nikolas becomes irate but the mercenaries hold him back. Emily says she will do anything and, after moving Lulu over to help Carly, Craig leaves the room with Emily. Carly tries to anger Robin but it is in an attempt to get her to hang in there. Craig brings Emily to the same room that both Alan and Elizabeth are in. Once there, he says that he has to bring one of them back to the room and Elizabeth says she will go. She tells Emily that she thinks Alan has a concussion but Emily realizes it is more than that. She tells her father that she is concerned he is having a heart attack. Alan assures her that it is just a panic attack but passes out.

Outside Metro Court, Luke dresses in SWAT gear and tries to go into the hotel. Ric tells Cruz and Lucky to arrest Luke and they do. While Ric is distracted, Patrick makes a dash for the front of the hotel. Meanwhile inside, Sam and Elizabeth are placed together. Sam asks Elizabeth about the room she was in and Sam recalls that there is a cell phone in room. She tells Elizabeth that someone needs to get in there and Craig approaches them asking about their conversation. Sam stands up and unmasks Craig.

As punishment for pulling off the mask, Craig forces Sam to dress as one of the gunmen so that she will be an easy target for the snipers outside. When Ric calls again, Patrick begs Craig to let him in the hotel to save Robin's life. Craig refuses to allow Patrick to enter the hotel, but does allow him to give Carly instructions on how to operate on Robin using items found in the hotel. Craig tells Carly she can pick one person to help her and she chooses Emily. Emily is in a room with her father monitoring his deteriorating condition. They are reminiscing while he suffers through his heart attack. Mr. Craig comes and gets Emily and tells her that she will be operating on Robin. Patrick gives Emily a list over the phone of items she will need to perform the operation. Mr. Craig tells Nikolas that he must go on a scavenger hunt to find the items in ten minutes or be killed. He allows Sam to go with him. They are able to come back just in the nick of time with all the items. They start the surgery and everything is going fine until an artery is cut and blood starts gushing out.

Jason has Spinelli hack into the hotel's computer system where he learns that the locks will reset themselves at 1100pm. Jason plans on entering the hotel at that time.

8 Hours Earlier.....

Craig pulls a gun on Elizabeth as she tries to help Robin, but he later relents to let her assist Carly and Emily. With Patrick's coaching, they are able to stop the bleeding, until Craig orders them to stop and forces Carly to stitch Robin herself.

Spinelli and Jason work to access the hospital cameras. Spinelli tells Jason that he wants to help and accompany Jason into the hotel to rescue "the blonde one."

After finishing the surgery, Carly is taken to Sonny, and Lulu is brought back to the lobby. Elizabeth and Sam are forced to clean up. They find a knife, and Sam conceals it.

Outside the MC, Mac and Patrick discuss the surgery performed on Robin. Mac tells him that if Robin survives, it's because of him.

Sam is forced to sit with Father Ruiz. They talk, and she tells him that she resented Liz for being pregnant because she can't. Given the crisis that they are in, however, she realizes that Elizabeth's current predicament is much worse than her own. She asks him if he knows how to use a knife to kill, and slips him the weapon.

Robin is holding steady as Patrick prays for her outside. Then Robin wakes up and screams in pain.

After getting released from jail, Luke heads back to the police barricade outside the hotel. He tells Lucky that he needs to get inside the hotel and save everyone because the cops won't do anything. This time, he convinces Lucky that they are Lulu and Liz's only chance.

Inside the hotel, Robin wakes up in extreme pain because of the surgery done on her. She makes a lot of noise which bothers the hostage-takers. They order Emily and Elizabeth to get Robin to shut up. Elizabeth asks them if she can go to the hotel gift shop and get some pain relievers for Robin. They say no to it since aspirin won't help Robin. Lulu stands up and suggests that they give Robin some alcohol which is set up right there in the lobby to help numb the pain. They allow it. However, Mr. Craig comes in the room and objects to Lulu bringing anything over to Robin since she is always causing trouble with her mouth. Meanwhile, Sam tries to pass the knife she got from Elizabeth that was used for Robin's surgery to Father Mateo. Mateo whispers to her that he can't use the knife on anyone. Sam is disgusted that he can't do what he used to do naturally when he was younger and in gangs to help them. Sam hides the knife again when Mr. Craig comes over and asks them what they are whispering to each other about. Sam explains that Mateo is the identical twin brother of the man who tried to rape and kill her and that she doesn't trust him to be just like his brother still. Mr. Craig asks Father Mateo if he secretly lusts after Sam like his brother did. Father Mateo says no, and adds, "I'm too busy praying for your soul."

Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli plan how they are going to get into the hotel without being seen by the police or Craig. Mike shows up at Sonny's office with a blueprint of the hotel that he had and claims he used one of the back rooms of the hotel to play poker and gamble and knows a way for Jason and Spinelli to get inside without being seen. Jason thanks Mike. Mike asks Jason he can thank him by getting his son out of the hotel alive. Spinelli shows Jason some hi-tech headphone pieces that can be used as a mini radio device so they can communicate with each other quietly. He tests the things. Jason asks Spinelli to find out what he can on Craig to see if there is anything they can use to get to him. Ric shows up with a warrant to detain Jason for 48 hours to keep him from going into the hotel to try and stop the hostage-takers on his own. Jason gets a call on his cell-phone from Sonny, who has a phone held to his ear by Craig himself. Sonny asks Jason if it is safe to talk. Jason signals him that it really isn't. Sonny tells him what he wants Jason to do and Jason says o.k. Ric waits until he hangs up with Sonny. He thinks that Jason was okaying the plan to get inside the hotel. Ric surprises Jason when he rips up the arrest warrant and tells him he can go inside the hotel and do what he can to save the hostages. He tells Jason that he hopes Jason gets himself killed but saves the hostages because then it would be a win-win situation for him. Ric leaves. Jason and Spinelli head out to the hotel to put their plan in motion.

Patrick is scared about Robin's surgery and fears she won't survive. He prays to God that she survives this. Meanwhile, Robin drinks some vodka out of the bottle and starts to not feel any pain from the surgery. She is surprised when Emily tells her that Carly helped save her life by sewing up her wound with Patrick's guidance over the phone even though they couldn't remove the bullet. Robin asks them to make sure Patrick is taken care of if she doesn't make it and that whatever woman becomes part of his life will have a miserable time in the beginning and jokes that maybe that misery should be put on Carly. Emily and Elizabeth laugh and tell her that she needs to live because she wouldn't be able to stand it if Carly and Patrick got together. Craig wants to move people around again and they make Nikolas go and take care of Alan in one of the other rooms. Craig gets Nikolas mad when he makes a crude remark about how Nikolas can tell Alan all about what he does with Emily when they are alone together. Nikolas throws Craig against the wall and threatens him to keep his mouth shut about Emily. The only female gunmen comes in and holds a gun on Nikolas to get him to release his hold on Craig or they will kill him. Craig warns Nikolas to watch his temper or he will be killed. He pushes Nikolas into the room with Alan. Alan isn't too pleased to have to spend time with Nikolas. Nikolas tells Alan that Emily did the surgery on Robin and Robin survived it. Alan tells Nikolas he wants him to tell Emily that he loves her and is very proud of her. He also tells Nikolas that he should have told Emily how much she means to him already and that they don't know if they will get out of the hotel alive and that he should tell Emily what she means to him. Alan starts getting more chest pains and has a hard time breathing. Nikolas checks on him and calls for help. Later, Emily is brought into the room with them. She tells Nikolas that they need a defibulator to shock Alan's heart back into it's normal rhythm, but she realizes that the gunmen are never going to let her use one.

Patrick argues with Ric about calling Craig and asking for a way to get Robin out of the hotel in exchange for something Craig wants. Ric tells him that Craig doesn't want to negotiate and isn't making any demands so they can't do anything but wait.

Elizabeth starts cramping up which concerns Lulu, who asks if she can get some water for Elizabeth because she is dehydrated. Craig objects to it since he doesn't think water will help Elizabeth. He ends up sending Lulu into another room. Sam stands up and yells at Craig about not being reasonable about Elizabeth and points out that no one wants to have to deal with Elizabeth going into labor so just let her have some water. Elizabeth gets her water. Craig warns Sam to back off and tells her she isn't very bright if she thinks he won't hesitate to kill her. Sam smiles at him and tells him she isn't scared of him. She distracts him enough and Max helps also. Sam manages to knock the gun out of Craig's hand and puts him in a choke hold and puts the knife she had hidden against his throat. "End this now or you die," she demands. As this is going on, Sonny and Carly distract one of the men who come in to get Carly and knock him out and take his gun. Jason and Spinelli get to one of the back entrances of the hotel. Spinelli uses one of his gizmos and disengages the alarm to unlock one of the doors to get inside the hotel.

Sam makes demands to the other gunmen to drop their weapons, or she will kill Craig, but Craig convinces her that there is no allegiance between him and his mercenaries. He tells Sam that if she kills him, the other gunmen will have no reason to wait for the vault to open; They blow the lobby and escape. Sam realizes that she would be killing everything in the room if she kills Craig, so she releases him. After that, Craig decides to move everyone around again to make sure they don't get comfortable and start to plot against the mercenaries. He takes Sam into the room where Emily and Nikolas are watching Alan and oust them from the room so that he can be alone with Sam. Then he tells Sam how "stimulating" she is to look at and starts to unzip her outfit. Sam calls him a pig, thinking he is about to rape her. Craig laughs at her for thinking it. He tells her how amazing it is that she thought she was going to be raped, but she was willing to do anything in order to stay alive.

Meanwhile in the lobby, Alan's heartbeat becomes critical. Emily asks for a difibulator, but they wont let her have it. Sonny speaks out and tells them that the cops will go much easier on them if they show a little human kindness. They allow Emily to save Alan. When Craig returns with Sam, he gets mad at his people for allowing the use of the difibulator. He decides to make Emily decide who gets to go home, her father or her best friend. Elizabeth is dehydrated and desperately needs fluids. She is cramping badly, and everyone fears is that she will go into labor early and lose the child.

Jason and Spinelli get into the hotel and end up in the room where Sonny was beaten. Jason finds blood on the floor and wonders what happened. He decides that he needs to get up into the air ducts in order to see what's going on in the lobby. He tells Spinelli to wait in the room and keep quiet.

Dillon decides that he is going to help rescue Lulu, but Lucky and Luke shoot him down. They gain access to the hotel by getting a chopper to drop them on the roof. They make it to the security room. All of the cameras are blacked out except for one that the gunmen missed. They can see Elizabeth, but Lucky is horrified to see that she is hunched over in pain.

Craig tells Emily that she must choose who leaves the hotel, Alan or Elizabeth. Alan tries to convince Emily to choose Elizabeth but Emily tells him she will assess the situation as a doctor and choose the one who needs help more. Elizabeth tells Emily that her pains are less intense and it is just from dehydration, that she knows she is not in labor. Emily tells her not to try and make it easy for her to decide. Craig yells at her to make a decision but Six tells him that the more Emily agonizes over choosing, the more fun it is for him and that he should allow her to take her time. After some time, Craig once again yells at Emily to choose and becomes forceful with her. Nikolas stands up to divert attention to himself. Mr. Craig turns to shoot him and Six again talks to him, stopping him from shooting Nikolas. Craig gets angry and decides to shoot someone else instead, Max.

Lucky starts to panic when he sees that Elizabeth is in distress, but Luke forces him to pull it together. They come up with a plan to infiltrate the mercenaries.

In another room, Spinelli watches as Sonny tries to talk one of the guys out of shooting him. Jason listens on while in the air-duct. Spinelli drifts off and starts daydreaming about saving Sonny as if he were an action hero, and then Lulu coming in and giving him a reward kiss. But just before he can move, another gunmen enters the room and orders that Sonny be moved back to the lobby, because Craig wants to see him.


Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com
Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #7   February 12 - May 7, 2007  6 hours

Hostage crisis conclusion, Alan dies; Emily grieves, Craig attacks Nikolas and poisons him, Nikolas pushes Emily away to keep her safe, Craig forces a fake romance with Robin, Emily learns the truth.

There is some commotion in the lobby, so other men come to take Sonny back to the lobby. Jason comes out of the air-duct and startles Spinelli. Jason begins looking around the room and Five comes in, Jason knocks him out and takes his clothing and mask. Before he heads out of the room, Spinelli asks Jason to watch out for Lulu. Alone in the room, Five comes to and Spinelli knocks him out with his laptop.

Jason enters the lobby as Emily makes her decision. She chooses Alan. Craig says that he needs to walk out on his own but after Emily becomes unruly, he allows Four and Five/Jason to walk Alan out. Once outside, snipers start firing and Alan collapses. Luke and Lucky look on from a window and Luke realizes that Alan is having a heart attack. Jason watches his father, and then turns around as Carly looks at him and realizes that he is Jason.

Shots are fired between the gunman and police as Alan exits the building. He falls to the ground, holding his chest. Observing from the inside, Luke and Lucky break out of the building to help Alan. Luke fires at the sniper, while Lucky and other officers shield Alan and bring him to safety. Monica and the paramedics revive Alan, and he is taken off to General Hospital. Meanwhile, Emily loses it on Craig for shooting her father, and in her rage, is about to pull off Jason's mask. Carly, who realizes that Jason is there, stops her in time. Emily asks Craig what his purpose is. Craig tries to remind the hostages that he is in charge, and tells Emily to stop her hysterics. He also forces Lulu to stop helping the injured Max, and has her taken away.

Carly observes the masked Jason, and whispers to Sonny she wishes that Jason could be with them, but it's a shame he's in Paris.

Sam consoles Elizabeth in her agony. Liz talks about the first time she saw Cameron. Meanwhile, Jason listens to them. They are unaware he is there.

Luke and Ric argue as Skye shows up on the scene. She tells Luke that she came to bluff Craig into letting everyone go by trading them for the code, even though she only knows the first three numbers. Luke volunteers to run the bluff and takes the megaphone, calling out to Craig. He tells Craig that the briefcase is an Equinox that will self-destruct, and offers to trade himself and the code for everyone's safe release. Craig recognizes the name "Spencer" and asks Lulu if the man is any relation to her. She tells them it is her Dad. Craig opens the door with a gun held at Lulu's head. He asks for the code, or Lulu will die. He questions Luke's timing, and Luke tries to explain that Lorenzo is incapacitated. Craig insists on the code for Lulu's life. In the meantime, Skye tells police that Luke does not have the code.

3 Hours Earlier...

Although Luke has spent his whole life bluffing people, as soon as he sees Craig put the gun to Lulu's head he gets scared and blurts out a phony code just to keep Craig from shooting her. Craig tells Luke to be grateful that he has had a chance to see Lulu one last time and drags her back inside. After that, Ric threatens to arrest him, but Luke points out that Craig can't use the code until the vault opens anyway, so they still have three hours to figure something out. Skye tries to comfort Luke and assure him he did the right thing by trying, but Luke makes no secret that he's disgusted with her for not warning anyone about the danger surrounding the Metro Court.

Sonny tries to convince Craig to cut his losses and leave now. Although he will leave without what he came for, he will still have his life. Craig listens, but doesn't appear to take his advice. He takes Lulu and tells the masked Jason to put her back in the office and kill her if anyone makes a sound. When they get behind closed doors, Jason reveals himself to Lulu. She is mad at him at first for not doing something when Craig was about to shoot her, but then realizes he is there to save her. Spinelli comes out of hiding. Jason wants Spinelli and Lulu to escape, but Lulu defies him when she realizes that once Craig realizes she is gone the lives of everyone else involved will be at stake. When Craig finds Spinelli, he tells Jason to kill him, but Lulu stops him and tells him that Spinelli can open the vault. Craig decides to put him to work to crack open the vault ahead of schedule. He tells him he has one hour to do so before he kills Lulu.

Nikolas and Emily talk over Robin about plans for escaping. Nikolas says he will grab Robin and Emily says she will get Lulu. Robin wakes up and tells them that she pain is back, but feels like its coming from somewhere "far away."

Sonny asks Carly to marry him if they both make it out alive.

Sam talks Elizabeth through the contractions and they talk about Jason, unknowing that he is standing there as a mercenary. Elizabeth explains that she could never have married Jason, even if the baby was his, because he's in love with Sam. Elizabeth's cramps subside. Sam realizes that Jason is there with them when she recognizes his eyes.

Spinelli works on the hotel computer to find a way to open up the vault. He whispers to Lulu about his progress. Sam and Elizabeth whisper to each other as well about how Elizabeth is feeling. Elizabeth tells Sam that the cramps have died down a little and she is feeling better. The female mercenary watches Jason and tells him to watch what he is doing. Sam realizes that Jason is one of the masked men and whispers to Elizabeth. Elizabeth looks over at Jason who nods to her to let her know it is him. He goes over and does what Craig asks and guards them closely. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Carly that he wants her to marry him for real after they make it out of this alive. He tells her that he didn't realize until now how empty his life is without her with him. He wants them to get married for real this time. Carly tells him to ask her again when and if they make it out alive. Jason guards them and whispers to them when no one is paying attention. Sonny wants Jason to get Carly out to there through one of the service entrances. Craig approaches them and doesn't like that they are talking again. He has them sent into another room.

Craig orders Jason to guard Sam and Elizabeth. Sam and Elizabeth start whispering about who should try to escape first. Elizabeth thinks Sam should go but Sam disagrees because Elizabeth needs medical help, not herself. Jason waits until no one is watching them and comes closer to them. He tells Sam that he wants her to make her escape when he gives the o.k. so she can go out and warn the police about the vault and the possible explosion. Craig comes over and asks them what they are whispering about. He warns Jason not to trust Sam because of what she is capable of doing. He also tells them that they will get demerit points every time they do something against his rules and that the first person to get 10 demerit points will die. He warns Sam that she already has 8 demerit points. He sends Jason to guard Spinelli and Lulu next. Spinelli is getting very close to getting the vault to open earlier and asks Lulu if he should do it now or stall them. Lulu and Jason both tell him to open it now.

One of the mercenaries starts harassing Father Mateo when he asks for help with Max, who has a shoulder wound that is bleeding. He starts picking on him about his tattoos and what they mean. Father Mateo calmly tells him that the tattoo on his neck is of his brother Manuel and that it is a daily reminder of how his brother died by living a life of violence and that he wants a better life for himself. The mercenary dares the priest to turn the other cheek. He ends up shoving a gun into the priest's stomach to show who is in charge. Max waits for a diversion and grabs for the guy's gun while Mateo takes the guy's knife and slits his throat. Jason watches Father Mateo in shock at what he just did.

Robin wakes up and calls out for Patrick. Emily and Nikolas try to calm her and tell her that Patrick is outside waiting for her right now. Robin tells them that if they make it out alive not to take anything for granted and do whatever they planned to do before but put off until now. They promise to do that but believe they will all make it out alive.

Sam jumps up and accuses Mateo of being a killer just like his brother and tells him to admit it. Angry that he has killed one of their group, the female gunman shoots Father Mateo in retaliation.

Sonny makes a deal with Craig that he will give him the rest of the code if he will let Carly go. Craig takes Carly and Sonny into the lobby and explain to the rest of the hostages that Mr. Corinthos will be providing the access code once Spinelli gets the vault open. Craig takes Lulu and Spinelli to the vault, where Spinelli enters a code and it opens. In the vault, Maxie and Three scramble to their feet. Maxie had been talking to Three about how the hostages are just innocent bystanders caught in the middle. When Craig sees the briefcase he realizes that Sonny and Luke weren't lying. Three is hesitant, but hands over the briefcase. Sonny tries to convince Craig to let all the hostages go, but he will only go with the original plan. Craig opens the briefcase with the password Sonny provides and he tells Carly she can go. "No thanks," Carly says, refusing to leave Sonny's side.

When Craig is distracted, Jason gives Sam the signal to make her escape. Sam rushes outside just as the cops turn the lights out. She warns them that the lobby is rigged with explosives. As the police start to throw tear gas into the hotel, Jason tackles Craig to keep him from detonating the explosives. The SWAT team enters the hotel and chaos erupts. There's a mad dash for the door, but the tear gas keeps people from being able to see the exits. Nikolas carries Robin out. Three helps Maxie out. Lulu and Spinelli run out together. Sonny and Carly hide behind a couch. Jason finds Elizabeth and tries to rescue her. Outside, Nikolas is updating Patrick on Robin's status when he realizes that Emily isn't there with him. He starts to go back inside when the hotel explodes.

The Metro Court is a pile of rubble and bodies are everywhere. We are shown a replay of the preceding events. Rescuers go inside to look for victims.

Patrick carries Robin to a gurney. Once at the hospital, Patrick tells Kelly that Robin needs surgery. He is reassured when Robin wakes up. In her hospital room after the surgery, Robin tells Patrick when a person saves another person, they "own" them. Patrick kisses her.

Elizabeth and a masked man appear to have been thrown into the elevator from the blast. Elizabeth is scared but is quickly relieved when he removes his mask and it is Jason.

Within the rubble, Lucky finds Emily and medical personnel help to free her. The rescuers are seen removing Father Ruiz from the debris. Maxie and Three are also seen in the debris. Maxie tells Three to remove his mask and clothes and tell the rescuers that he was a hostage. Outside, Sam and Alexis try to hold Nikolas back from going inside to look for Emily. Lucky comes out and tells him they found her and a few minutes later, Emily emerges from the hotel and is reunited with Nikolas while Sam looks on, worried about Jason.

Dr. Ford sends Emily to GH for observation. He tells her that Alan is still in ICU. He compliments the surgery she performed on Robin. Nikolas and Emily go to see Robin. Emily apologizes to Robin for not getting the bullet out. Robin thanks them for saving her life, and Emily promises a girls' night out at Jake's soon. Afterwards, they find Alan's room. Monica tells them that he's very critical.

Emily visits with Alan, then runs interference when Monica and Tracy snarl at Skye. Later, Nikolas brings word that Jason and Liz have been rescued.

After cleaning up, Emily returns to GH to sit with Alan. When Alan wakes up, he asks for Jason. Emily tries to locate Jason. Later, Alan suddenly goes into arrest. He is revived. Monica realizes that Alan is holding on for Jason. Emily tells Spinelli to find Jason and get him here now. Later, Alan dies just minutes before Jason arrives. Emily goes to the lobby to break the news to Monica, Edward and Tracy. They all console each other. Nikolas arrives and cradles Emily in his arms.

Emily fusses over tiny details on the day of Alan's memorial. Nikolas comforts her. Ned speaks at the service.

Emily attends the reading of Alan's will. A family fight ensues when Alan leaves almost everything to Tracy. Emily stiffles them all and quiets the arguing, telling them all they need to respect whatever Alan wished. Afterwards, she tells Nikolas what went down, and that she knows very well that Tracy forged the will, yet she was able to feel Alan's presence in the room.

Nikolas feels bad in the wake of Alexis losing custody of Molly.

Emily visits Lucky and Liz at their new house and helps Liz paint chairs for Cameron's room. Then she convinces a reluctant Nikolas to help Lucky and Liz paint the room for the new baby. Later, Nikolas is alone at Wyndamire when he's attacked and drugged by Mr. Craig, who's seeking a new identity and tons of cash to get away. He assures Nikolas that he will die within 30 minutes without being given a counter agent. Just to prove it to him, he lets Nikolas suffer for a few minutes as his lungs begin to collapse. Craig gives him the counter agent and he slowly returns to normal. Nikolas offers him one million dollars to leave the country and never be heard from again, but Craig claims he can make many times that much by going into business with him. When Liz, Lucky and Emily come over, Craig hides behind the curtains and holds a gun on them. In order to keep them all safe, Nikolas acts like a complete jerk to drive them all away.

Lucky comes over to ask Nikolas to come to his wedding. Nikolas tries to back out, claiming he has a business deal (he really doesn't want Craig anywhere near his family). Later, Craig tells him to go, lest people become suspicious.

Lucky and Liz are remarried at the Spencer house. Afterwards, Nikolas returns home and finds Robin there with Craig (she had come to see him, and found Craig instead). Robin insists on staying and helping him rather than leave him to the mercy of Craig. Craig blackmails her by telling her he'll kill Patrick unless she moves into Wyndamire. Robin agrees, but tries to snatch a vile of the virus, but Craig stops her. After that, Robin tells Patrick that she's moving in with Nikolas. Meanwhile, Nikolas fakes symptoms of the drug in order to take Craig by surprise and make a grab for the counter agent, but he's unsuccessful. Nikolas threatens to let himself die to protect Robin, but Craig tells him that if he dies, Robin dies. Meanwhile, Patrick makes a stink about Robin moving in with Nikolas and demands to know what she's not telling him. Later, when Robin returns home, she finds Nikolas suffering from the effects of the drug, fighting to breathe, while Craig sits there and watches. He tells Robin that he's doing this to show them both that he means business.

Craig tells Robin and Nikolas that he wants them both to fake a romance. In the meantime, Patrick consults Alexis about Nikolas and asks her if she knows what's going on. Alexis visits Nikolas and subtly asks him what's going on with Robin. Alexis meets Craig, who introduces himself as Mr. Brosnan, a business associate. Later, Patrick shows up at Wyndamire to see Nikolas and demands to know what's going on, but Nik remains tight-lipped. When Robin returns, she sees Craig hiding behind the curtains ready to shoot Patrick, so she tells him to get out. Patrick keeps insisting that something does not meet the eye, and demands to know what she's hiding. Robin tells him if he can't get past a simple living arrangement, then they have nothing more to say to each other. She breaks up with him. Patrick tells her off for not trusting him and leaves. Later, when Alexis arrives, she is shocked to find Nikolas and Robin necking on the couch.

Robin warns Nikolas against threatening Craig.

Robin ponders telling Patrick what's going on. But Nikolas convinces her it's a bad idea. Instead, they decide to go after the anti-toxin. Later, Alexis arrives, being escorted by Craig. She has fainted while picking wild flowers with Kristina. Craig offers her a room at Wyndamire for the night, but Nikolas says that's not possible (he doesn't want them anywhere near Craig). Instead, Craig offers to drive her home, Nikolas can't think of any way to stop him.

At GH, Emily overhears Patrick and Robin arguing about Nikolas. Emily refuses to believe it when Patrick tells her that they're having an affair, and rushes to Wyndamire to give Nikolas a chance to explain. When Alfred announces the Emily there, Nikolas tells Craig he's going to tell her everything rather than hurt her again, but Craig threatens to inject her with the drug as well. Nikolas and Robin are forced to carry on with the farce and let Emily see them kissing. Despite seeing them that way, Emily refuses to believe that Nikolas has turned Robin out of the blue, and demands to know what's going on. Nikolas wont tell her anything. Emily promises she wont give up on him.

Scott drops by with the news that he's going for guardianship of Laura. Later, Luke shows up on the same matter and demands that Nikolas sign guardianship to him, but Nikolas refuses because he has a better chance than Luke to fight Scott off. After Luke leaves, Nikolas tells Craig that he can't deal with him and Scott at the same time, and offers him 60 million dollars to leave town. Craig refuses. In the meantime, Robin receives news about Nikolas's blood test, which makes Patrick suspicious. He follows Robin to Wyndamire and overhears Robin and Nikolas talking to Craig. He recognizes Craig's voice from the hostage crisis. Later, Patrick ambushes Craig and pounces on him, demanding to know what's going on. Craig gets the upper hand and starts pushing Patrick over a cliff! Robin arrives and lends a hand, as does Nikolas, who subdues Craig. "Kill him!" Patrick shouts, but Robin and Nikolas explain why they can't kill Craig. Patrick unwillingly becomes part of the plan. When they all get back to the house, Craig points a gun at Patrick, intending to limit the number of people who know about the sham, but Robin protects Patrick by blocking the bullet. Craig agrees to let them both live, but warns Patrick that Robin will die if the truth comes out.

Robin and Patrick go back to work at GH, pretending to be broken up. Noah chastises them for their unprofessional conduct. Later, Emily sees them kissing in the locker room.

Emily asks Patrick if he's back with Robin. Patrick evades her question and doges her. Later, Emily asks Robin the same thing. Robin tells Emily that what she saw was Patrick making a pass at her, but insists she loves Nikolas. Emily senses that everyone's lying. She goes to Nikolas at Wyndamire and tells him that she saw Robin and Patrick kissing. Nikolas tells her to leave right away (so Craig doesn't hear this). He's forced to rip her heart out by telling her that he doesn't love her anymore (he avoids looking in her eyes while saying this), but Emily knows he's lying because she can see that he's trying to hurt her on purpose. Later, she confronts him again, and he admits the truth—that Craig is controlling his life.

Alexis shows up to ask Craig again to be her escort to the wedding, but he declines. Later, at the wedding reception, Emily and Nikolas steal a moment alone. Nikolas tells her that he thinks Craig had a weakness, because he caught Craig talking affectionately to someone on the phone.

When Craig's phone rings, Nikolas picks it up and tries to find out who's on the other end. Craig catches him doing this and rips the phone away from him. To make him pay, he announces that Nikolas has six hours to live and leaves town, taking the counter agent with him. He shows up at GH and tells Emily that he's got six hours to live. Robin and Patrick go to work looking for a anti-toxin. Meanwhile, Nikolas deteriorates. He asks Emily to raise his son if he dies. Robin and Patrick try a compound that they think will work, but it doesn't. Nikolas demands that they don't put him on the machines and keep him alive by artificial means. Then he asks to see Spencer. Emily brings him in so Nik can say goodbye. Later, Nikolas goes into respiratory failure and his heart stops. Robin and Patrick revive him, and put him on a ventilator to buy them time. Patrick asserts that Craig will return once he figures out that he still needs Nikolas. It turns out Patrick is right. Craig meets him in an empty hospital room and gives him the counter agent. Patrick gives it Nikolas right away, and he begins to improve. When he wakes up, they tell him that they went against his wishes and put him on the machine to keep him alive. Then they tell him the really bad news—that they didn't develop the counter agent, they got it from Craig.


Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com
Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #8   May 8 - October 31, 2007  6 hours

Craig frames Emily, Craig's true identity is revealed, Nikolas begins to have mood swings and blackouts, Nikolas stabs Jerry, Near miss with Carly & Sam, The Black & White Ball begins.

Patrick and everyone else want to try to duplicate the counter agent, but Nikolas thinks it's pointless, because Craig must have had a contingency plan, or he wouldn't have given them the counter agent. Then Nikolas recieves a phone call about Liz having taken a turn for the worse and insists on seeing her. When he and Emily arrive at Liz's room, she is already on her way to surgery. They try to comfort Lucky, but Lucky can see how awful Nikolas looks and tells him to get some rest. When Emily and Nikolas return home, Craig is there. He taunts Nikolas and tells Emily that he needs an escort to a business meeting.

Emily has no choice but to accompany Craig while he conducts business. He forces her to sign some documents, and Emily realizes that Craig is setting her up, but she has to do it to save Nikolas. In the meantime, Nikolas asks Alexis to amend his will. Then Robin and Patrick call to tell him that they think they have found the cure. When he shows up at GH to be admitted, they warn him that the injection could kill him. Nikolas opts to take the injection no matter what. In the meantime, Emily returns and gets mad when she finds out that Nikolas did this without consulting her. But later, Nikolas stabilizes and Robin & Patrick happily inform him that the poison has been eradicate. Craig ruins their joy by showing up. Robin picks up the phone to call the police, but then Craig informs them that Emily has been framed for treason and espionage, and will be executed if she's caught. They have no choice but to let him go.

Emily and Nikolas visit Liz and her new baby. When Emily and Liz are alone, Em mentions how obvious it is that she named the baby using Jason's initials, but Liz insists it was not intentional.

Emily and Nikolas enjoy their first quiet few moments together in a long time. Emily wants to pretend that Craig never existed, but Nikolas wants to figure a way to remove him as a threat. Later, they are informed that Jax is waiting for them in the den, but when they get there, it's Craig himself. Nikolas is amused to find out that he is indeed Jerry Jax. Jerry also informs him that Jason knows of the espionage charges hanging over Emily's head, and wont be eliminating him any time soon.

Nikolas is talking to Jax, who's trying to explain to him that he has to protect his brother. Nikolas is livid and wants Jerry to pay for what he's doing. When Alexis shows up, she starts to explain why she began to trust Jerry, but Nikolas wont hear any of it and tells her she's nuts to still care about him when she knows who he really is. Later, Emily and Nikolas are called to the MC along with Jax, Carly and Alexis. Jerry shows up and makes a big scene to attract the attention of the hotel workers that he held hostage. It works, and they call the cops. Jerry does this in order to go public as Jax's brother rather than James Craig. When Mac shows up to slap the cuffs on him, Jerry insists that he is merely a Craig look-a-like. Emily and Nikolas are forced to go along with his story. Carly and Jax do the same. Afterwards, they go to see Lucky and Liz to inform them that Jerry Jax is back in town, and that they are not to confuse him with James Craig.

Emily and Nikolas attend the court case of Laura's guardianship. Nikolas testifies. Scott drags it out of him about the rape. Just as they are talking about it, Lulu walks in and hears this. Chaos erupts in the court room when Nikolas punches Scott. Lulu runs off and court resumes. The judge declares a recess to make a decision.

Everyone returns to the court room for the judges decision and are horrified when Scott wins guardianship.

Emily is happy now that Jerry seems to be out of their lives for the moment, but Nikolas is not willing to forget to easily. He wants revenge for all that Jerry had done. Alexis takes Emily's side in trying convince Nikolas not to provoke Jerry anymore. Later, Emily manages to get Nikolas relaxed, but then they get word of Jake's kidnaping and show up in the park to talk to Mac, who is suspicious of Liz. Nikolas becomes convinced that Jerry is behind it somehow.

Nikolas returns to PC (after having tracked Jerry through Russia). Through a complete mishap, he gets into the same car with Amelia. They get to talking about Sam, and Amelia admits that she has been setting Sam up along. Nikolas offers to buy out Sam's contract, but Amelia declines. Later, Nikolas see's Sam to tell her that he knows of her problems with Amelia, and offers to help in any way he can, but Sam opts to co-exist with Amelia. Afterwards, he drops by the MC where Carly and Jerry are conspiring. He walks up to them and accuses Jerry of trying to have him killed while he was in Russia.

Sam warns Nikolas that Lucky may suffer from a broken heart soon. She thinks that Liz will drop him flat now that Sam and Jason have broken up. Nikolas speaks to Liz about this to find out what her intentions are. Then he gets called by Tracy to come see her at Shadybrook. Once there, Tracy warns him that he need to keep Lulu away from Logan. Afterwards, Nikolas goes straight to Logan's apartment and drags Lulu away from him. They go to Kelly's for a chat. Lulu tells him that if everyone keeps warning her to stay away from Logan, she'll probably do the opposite.

Nikolas comes to see Jerry at his hotel room. When Jerry threatens Emily, Nikolas blows up and attacks him, but Jerry pulls a gun on him and fires, almost hitting Carly when she walks in. She makes Nikolas leave.

Nikolas is surprised when he walks into Wyndamire and sees Emily having coffee. She admits that she has been working too many hours. They take the opportunity to snuggle up. Later, Nikolas is visited by Sam, who's worried about Lucky. While they are talking, Lucky shows up to vent about Liz. In the meantime, Liz chats with Emily at GH about her feelings for Jason and how she can never be with him. When Emily returns to Wyndamire, she vents her frustration to Nikolas about the whole situation. As much as she loves Liz, she thinks Liz has no right to keep Jason away from his child. Later, they get ready to go out together, but first Nikolas takes a phone call from a business associate and gets very hostile with the man.

Nikolas surprises Emily with a sudden trip out of town, but Emily tells him that she can't get away right now. Later at GH, Nikolas shows up and tries to push her into agreeing to go. While they are talking, Dr. Ford comes up to them and bawls Emily out for talking on the job. Nikolas over-reacts and warns him to stop harassing her, then threatens to ruin him at GH. Emily can hardly believe Nikolas is talking this way, and makes him stop. Later, they talk about it in the park. Nikolas is very pushy and can't seem to understand when Emily keeps insisting she can't get away from work to take a trip right now.

Nikolas shows up at the MC to lease a new office, but has trouble when he's told that someone cancelled at the last minute. Later, he finds out it was Alfred, and promptly bawls him out for meddling in his affairs.

Nikolas makes a fuss about finding a new office at the MC and has Emily look at it to help him decide, but what Emily wants to be in on is this business deal that he's been so secretive about. He wont give her any details. Nikolas tells Emily to go on ahead of him to Lucky & Liz's house for dinner. He plans to meet Lucky at the hotel to get his opinion on the new office, but later, Lucky shows up at home claiming that Nikolas was not there. Emily worries when she can't reach him on his cell phone. In the meantime, Nikolas is driving and seems to be confused about where he's going. He shows up at the house late with apologies, but Emily's relieved that he's okay. Then they all get word that Laticia has been murdered at Carly's house. Lucky runs off to do cop stuff. Emily and Nikolas have dinner with a jittery Liz and feel funny about leaving her alone there, but she insists they go home and check on Spencer. When they return home, Emily gets suspicious about Nikolas's whereabouts while he was missing and asks him where he was. Nikolas claims he took a walk in park.

Alexis takes Nikolas up on his offer of protection and moves into Wyndamire with the girls. All goes well until Jerry shows up to see Alexis. Nikolas holds a knife to his throat, then sends him away. Afterwards he and Alexis have a fight about Jerry.

Lucky talks to Nikolas about Liz. Meanwhile, Liz and Emily do the same thing. It's all about Sam coming between them just to hurt both Liz and Jason. Afterwards, Nikolas goes to Sam's penthouse to speak to her and kindly asks her to leave Lucky alone, but Sam wont admit that she's after revenge. Lucky shows up there, which worries Nikolas. Afterwards, he goes to Liz to tell her that Lucky is with Sam as they speak. Liz is hardly surprised, and pretty much assumes her marriage is over. Emily shows up looking for Nikolas. When she gets wind of what's going on with Sam and Lucky, she consoles Liz, but wonders why she's not more upset. Later, Emily runs to Jason to tell him that Liz's marriage is over and she loves him. She pushes Jason to go to her, but Jason tries to tell her that Liz can't live with the constant danger around him. Nikolas speaks to Sam again. Later, Emily and Nikolas regroup at Wyndamire and discuss Lucky/Liz problems, but agree that they cant keep meddling. Later, Nikolas talks to someone on the phone about one of his horses and has an explosive reaction when they don't tell him what he wants to hear. He smashes a glass vase off his fireplace mantel, then calmly tells Emily that Alfred will clean it up.

Emily visits Liz to chat about Lulu. Everyone is worried about her because she's missing. In the meantime, Nikolas and Lucky team up to find her. They look for Maxie to question her about what happened. Maxie blames Logan for the whole thing. When Nikolas realizes what Logan did, he attacks him, but Georgie makes him back off. Later at GH, Georgie mentions to Emily about how Nikolas blew up at Logan. Emily worries about this, and tells Liz that he has been edgy lately. Nikolas shows up at GH for a board meeting. Emily mentions the fight to him, but he downplays it. His blase attitude concerns her, so she gets Georgie to describe exactly what he did. Georgie explains how he choked Logan until he was gasping for air. Later, Nikolas returns home and gets mad when he finds Alexis making plans to meet Jerry again. He asks her if she's insane, and demands to know why she keeps hanging around a monster like Jerry. When Alexis walks away from him, he throws a glass at her, which hits the wall, just missing her. Alexis asks him what's wrong with him, but Nikolas denies that he threw a glass at all. They are fighting about this when Emily returns home. Emily can't believe it when Alexis says Nikolas threw a glass at her, but he keeps denying it. After Alexis leaves, Emily keeps pushing the issue until Nikolas yells at her for accusing him of lying. Emily points out that he has been touchy for weeks and tries to get him to tell her what's wrong, but they are interrupted when Lucky walks in and announces that he and Liz have decided to divorce. Nikolas comforts Lucky while Emily runs to Liz to push her into giving Jason a chance. When Emily returns to Wyndamire, they both admit how glad they are that they are making their second chance work.

Nikolas and Emily greet each other in the morning. Nikolas gets mad when he discovers that the coffee isn't fresh and yells at Alfred. Then he tells Emily that he plans to go sailing, but she can't because she's going to help Liz move out of the Spencer house. Later, when Jerry shows up again looking for Alexis, he throws him to the ground and starts kicking him. Alexis walks in on this, but Alfred swears that Jerry threw the first punch. Alexis doesn't believe him. Later, Nikolas asks Alfred point blank if he lied about Jerry throwing the first punch (because he doesn't remember what happened). Alfred admits that Nikolas attacked him without provocation, just as Jerry claimed.

Nikolas goes to Robin for another blood test to make sure that all traced of the poison are out of his system, but he wont tell her why, and gets harsh with her when she keeps asking him.

Emily and Liz look at a house for Liz to rent. Liz loves it right away. In the meantime, Nikolas attacks Logan again when he professes his undying love for Lulu. Later, when Alfred informs Nikolas that the hotel is on the phone demanding compensation for damages from the fight, Nikolas realizes that he doesn't remember it. He only remembers seeing Logan in the lobby. Concerned, Alfred suggests he go to GH for a medical evaluation, but Nikolas tells him that he already ordered a full blood test. Nikolas asks him not to tell Emily. In the meantime, Emily finds out about it when she runs across his chart at GH. At Wyndamire, Lucky stops by to talk to Nikolas about his divorce problems, but Nikolas blows up at him for bringing his petty problems to him. Meanwhile, Emily goes to Jax to ask him to find out from Jerry about the poison he used on Nikolas, and if it has lasting side effects. She explains Nikolas's problem to him, but Nikolas walks in and overhears them. Nikolas tells her that his bloodwork came up normal and he is just under stress. Then he warns her never to go behind his back again. Later at GH, Nikolas shows up and asks Emily what happened earlier at the MC because after he left, he had a blackout and lost time. They both realize that this is getting serious and they need to take action. Emily schedules an MRI for him the following day. Afterwards, he takes her to the MC restaurant to take their minds off their problems. They get to talking about the Bacchanalia, and Nikolas mentions that they should air the old ball room soon. When they return to the lobby, Scott corners them and warns Nikolas that he is pressing charges against him on Logan's behalf. Emily senses that Nikolas is going to fly into another rage, so she slaps Scott before Nikolas has a chance to blow up. When they get home, Nikolas calls her on what she did. Emily reminds him that he held his own and stayed in control. Nikolas admits that he's terrified that he will hurt her—or maybe already has, but Emily insists that he is incapable of hurting anyone, no matter what's wrong with him.

Emily tells Robin about Nikolas's problem. In the meantime, Nikolas pays his fine at the PCPD and chats with Lucky, who complains about his divorce proceedings. Nikolas gets annoyed, but keeps his cool. Later, a prisoner tries to make an escape, so Nikolas jumps him and tackles him to the ground to get a gun from him. Lucky is shocked that Nikolas was able to act so quickly and asks him: "Where did that come from?" Later, Lainey mentions the incident to Emily. In the meantime, Nikolas finds himself in the park with blood on his hand and has no idea what happened. He goes to GH to get his hand looked at and runs into Nadine, who is there to see her sister Joline in the ICU. Epiphany and Spinelli are suspicious of Nadine and accuse her of being a wack job like her sister. Nikolas defends Nadine and tells them they have no right to judge anyone else. Emily arrives and gets concerned when she finds out that Nikolas was hurt. She bandages his hand and tells him what happened at the police station to fill in the blanks for him. When she keeps pushing him to get another blood work done, he snaps at her and walks out. Later, Emily assists in the ER when Jerry is brought in with a stab wound to the chest. Meanwhile, Nikolas finds himself in an alley with a bloody knife in his hand and no memory of what happened. Not knowing what else to do, he throws the knife away. Just then, detective Harper appears to question him about what happened at the PCPD. When Nikolas returns home, he tells Alfred to give him privacy. Then Alexis arrives, but Nikolas is short with her, which prompts her to ask him again to tell her what is going on with him, but he doesn't tell her anything. After she leaves, he removes his shirt (which is blood stained) and burns it in the fireplace. Later, Emily returns home and finds a piece of the shirt that had fallen out the fireplace and notes that it has blood on it. Nikolas watches this from the doorway, but Emily hides the piece of shirt in her pocket when he enters the room.

The next morning, Nikolas confesses to Emily that he saw her find the piece of shirt last night and tells her everything he remembers: that he found himself in an alley off 3rd street with a bloody knife in his hand. Emily goes to see Jerry to see what he knows. Jerry indeed tells her that Nikolas stabbed him, and that he covered for him with the police. Emily is suspicious of his motives. When she returns home, she tells Nikolas what Jerry said. Nikolas insists Jerry is lying. Later, Nikolas plans to go out for a ride and blows up at Emily when she tries to convince him it's too dangerous. Then he apologizes to her. But when Luke shows up to ream him about not keeping Lulu away from Logan, he agitates Nikolas to the point of Nikolas grabbing a letter opener to stab him with, but Nikolas manages to control himself by gripping the blade until Luke leaves, cutting his hand in the process. Emily returns as he's bandaging his hand, but he tells her he was just clumsy. Then he brings up the idea of hosting a gala event at Wyndamire on October 31st, even bigger than the Bacchanalia. Emily loves the idea, but worries that he's not up to is right now. Nikolas wont hear of postponing it. When Alexis arrives, she echo's Emily's warning, but Nikolas is stubborn. Jax arrives to speak to Nikolas in private, then accuses him of having stabbed Jerry during a blackout. Nikolas denies it and maintains that Jerry is lying. Later, Carly drops by on the same matter, and even accuses him of having killed Laticia. Nikolas loses control and holds a knife to her throat. Carly nervously tries to talk him down, but then Max walks in pointing a gun at him and makes him release her. Nikolas snaps out of it and realizes he's had another blackout. When Emily returns, he tells her what happened. He realizes how serious this is getting and that someone is going to get killed if he doesn't get help. He promises to go to Patrick for a complete battery of tests.

Emily and Nikolas help Lucky and Liz gear up for their divorce hearing.

Sam comes to Nikolas on the parapet at Wyndamire to explain what he saw at GH (the previous GH scene is missing due to a pre-emption). Nikolas gets mad at the thought of how Lucky has thrown away his entire life on her. He blows up and attempts to push her over the ledge. Sam screams as she dangles precariously and tries to fight him off without falling, but Nikolas soon recovers his senses and stops. He explains to Sam that he has been having blackouts. She reminds him that it's nuts to host a major social event when he's sick, but he refuses to consider cancelling the ball.

Nikolas visits Sam to apologize for what he did and finds her in Lucky's arms, which annoys him. When he returns to Wyndamire, Liz is there to tell him that she'll be attending the ball. Nikolas starts to loose his temper with her, blaming her for the divorce and for breaking Lucky's heart. Emily shows up and stops him from escalating into a rage, then explains to Liz that Nikolas has been on edge lately and doesn't mean what he's saying. After she leaves, Emily tries again to convince him to postpone the ball, but he wont do it. He does, however, promise to take her anywhere in the world she wants to go once the ball is over. Emily gets excited about the trip and starts brainstorming about all the places they could go.

Wyndimere -- 5:00 AM

Nikolas says, "People say that I love you more than life. I never knew what that meant until tonight. Would you die for love?" Next, Nikolas is shown lying on the ground with a bloody hand. He opens his eyes and looks around. He sees someone laying on the ground next to him and screams, "NO!!!"

11 hours earlier:
Nikolas knocks on the door and Emily welcomes him in. He tells her how beautiful she looks. She tells him he is even more handsome than the night of the last ball. He tells her he didn't show her the proper attention that night and he will make up for it. He just wants to make her happy. They both get emotional, as he tells her that he's afraid that whatever is wrong with him is going to kill him. He doesn't know how many days he has left with her, but he wants to spend them all with her. Will she marry him? Emily says yes. She would be honored to be his wife. She will help him raise Spencer and their own children. They will have a long and happy life together. He puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Alfred ushers all the guests that have arrived into the ballroom, where Nikolas and Emily come down to greet their guests. Nikolas announces that he is giving an endowment to General Hospital in the name of Alan Quartermaine. He wishes he could be there tonight so he could hear the announcement of his engagement to Emily. Everyone applauds while they kiss. Luke shakes Nikolas' hand in congratulations and Liz hugs Emily. Outside, Liz watches as Nikolas and Emily begin the first dance. Lucky comes outside and the two reminisce from the past parties at Wyndemere. The memory of the two of them dancing in jeans and tennis shoes helped both of them through some tough times. Lucky asks Liz to dance, for old time's sake.

Nikolas is informed by Alfred that Scott Baldwin is demanding entrance, having lost his invitation. Nikolas tells Alfred to let him in.


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Jen's General Hospital Dvds.com

Emily & Nikolas #9   October 31, 2007 - January 2, 2008  4 hours

Black & White Ball continued: Nikolas suffers from blackouts, Emily is killed, Nikolas blames himself, Emily's funeral, Nikolas sees Emily, Nikolas finds out he has a tumor.

The Black & White Ball continues. Scott Baldwin arrives. Nikolas dances with Robin. Afterwards, he's shocked when Robin asks him to father her child. He quickly turns her down due to the sordid Cassidine genes, and the uncertainty surrounding his fits of rage.

Nikolas and Emily mediate a fight between Liz and Sam outside the ballroom. When Emily defends Liz to Lucky, Nikolas jumps down Emily's throat for attacking Lucky. Emily takes Liz to the ladies room to fix her dress while Sam stays behind to talk to Nikolas. He has no idea what just happened, so Sam fills him in. He is deeply concerned to find out that he yelled at Emily. He goes to her to apologize. Then he asks her to reconsider her promise to marry him. Emily wont hear of it. Nikolas is afraid he might hurt her. Alfred walks in and informs them of a problem: the harbor has been closed due to the storm, and they are all stuck on the island for the night. Nikolas and Emily return to the ballroom to tell everyone. Then the power goes out. Later, Alexis finds Ric stabbed through with a sword. In the meantime, Nikolas finds Leyla crying alone on one of the couches and approaches her. He thinks she is crying about being stranded there overnight because of the storm. He reassures her everything will be alright and that tomorrow morning she will be able to go home. Leyla tells him she isn't worried about the storm or about what could happen since she is a nurse. She hands him her broken pearl necklace and tells him that is why she is crying. She tells him that it is a family heirloom and that is why she's so upset that someone intentionally broke it. Nikolas asks if Patrick defended her, but Leyla says that Patrick doesn't know. Nikolas gets upset and walks away. Emily follows him. Nikolas overhears Robin and Patrick fighting. He goes into a rage and attacks Patrick for saying ugly things to Robin. Emily walks in and gets Nikolas to stop. When he does, Emily tells Robin and Patrick about the rage Nikolas has been experiencing and the black-outs. Nikolas was going to meet with another neurologist, but he wanted to throw her this ball so he put it off. Patrick mentions that he needs to get this taken care of, before charges start getting pressed against him. Nikolas comes out of his blackout and asks what happened. The last thing he remembered was talking to Leyla about the necklace. They are interrupted when Leyla comes in and tells them that Ric has been stabbed. Leyla, Patrick and Robin run to help Ric. Nikolas starts to wonder if he might have been the one who stabbed Ric. They return to the main ballroom, where everyone has gathered to maintain safety in numbers. Lucky and Nikolas go off to look for Liz, but Nikolas has another fit of rage and clubs Lucky with a flashlight. In the meantime, Emily blows up at Logan when he whines and puts his personal vendetta against Johnny ahead of the situation at hand. Nikolas returns, having no idea what happened to Lucky. Nikolas returns, having no idea what happened to Lucky. Nikolas isn't entirely sure that he didn't do something to Lucky. Nadine is snatched from the ballroom when Anthony mistakes her for Lulu. Nadine manages to fend him off with a fire poker until Spinelli arrives. They run away together while crazy Anthony laughs at them. Meanwhile, Coop returns to the ballroom. Nikolas wants to go look for Lucky, but Emily tries to talk him out of it. They go off by themselves to argue about it. They decide to check on Ric. Robin and Patrick are about to operate to repair a bleeding artery. Emily stays behind to assist while Nikolas returns to the main ballroom. Soon after that, Nikolas begins searching the house for Lucky. Meanwhile, Emily assists in Ric's surgery, but Alexis becomes a concern when her appendicitis ruptures. Emily goes off to look for pain medication and runs into Nikolas in the study. He gets angry with her for running around the house by herself. As they are arguing about it, Anthony arrives. Nikolas attacks him, and Anthony starts strangling him with a phone cord. Emily grabs the gun and tries to make Anthony stop. Johnny arrives and talks Anthony down. Anthony runs off. Maxie arrives, and from her, they find out that Lucky is okay. It's obvious Nikolas didn't hurt him, as he'd feared. Maxie leaves with Johnny. Emily tells Nikolas she knew he would never hurt his brother or anyone else. Nikolas doesn't agree. He blows up at Emily again, then realizes he may be more dangerous than Anthony. He takes Emily down to the wine cellar and convinces her to lock him in. Emily can't stand to do it, but he makes her. A moment later, Nikolas becomes violent and starts breaking the door down. He tells Emily he changed his mind and wants out. Emily realizes it's better if he stays locked up and leaves. She runs into Scott and Logan, who are helping Luke. He has had a heart attack. Emily sends Scott and Logan off to get Edward's heart medication, which is in Tracy's purse. It seems to work, and Luke starts to feel better. Emily goes back to where she left Nikolas but he is gone. She returns to Luke. No one there has seen Nikolas. Tracy asks her to check on Luke again. He is doing better, so Emily dashes off. In the meantime, Nikolas runs into Lucky with Sam. He starts searching for Emily. In the meantime, Emily is looking for him, ending up in the empty ballroom. A noise startles her, and she turns around. It's Jason! Emily is glad to see him. Jason insists on getting her to the barn, where Liz is, but she wants to find Nikolas first and wont leave. Nikolas arrives and thrashes Jason, because it appears he's hurting Emily. They fight, and Emily gets thrown to the floor in the process of trying to stop them. Jason overpowers Nikolas and ties him to a chair. Nikolas sees a bruise on Emily's face. He tells Jason to get her away from him. Jason drags Emily to the barn, where Liz is. Emily is worried about Nikolas and sends Jason back to check on him. Meanwhile, in the ballroom, Nikolas is attacked by Anthony, who wraps a cord around his neck. But Anthony lets him go since it's no fun to strangle someone who can't fight back. Instead, he has fun taunting Nikolas, telling him that he has grabbed Emily. Lucky and Sam arrive. Anthony runs away. All three of them go off to find Emily, but Nikolas gets separated from them. Meanwhile, Emily and Liz chat in the barn. Liz tells her all about Sam's deception, and that she spilled the beans about Jake. Emily gets worried about Nikolas and leaves to make sure he's okay. She finds him in the ballroom, but Nikolas demands that she leave at once. Emily refuses. They fight about it in front of the doorway, then someone knocks Nikolas to the floor and strangles Emily.

Nikolas comes to after passing out. He wakes up to find Emily lying on the floor with a noose around her neck. He starts to scream when he sees her. He goes over to her and tries to see if he can resuscitate her but it appears he is too late and Emily is dead. Jason and Carly run into the ballroom and find Nikolas sitting on the floor, cradling Emily in his arms and appearing to be in shock. Jason tries to get Nikolas to move away so he can check on Emily but Nikolas refuses to let go of her and rambles on incoherently about how she is just resting and will be o.k. Carly tries to talk to him but he can't tell her anything about what happened to Emily. Jason goes to find Elizabeth and tells her about Emily's death. Elizabeth refuses to believe that Emily is dead but agrees to help anyway she can. When they get to the ballroom, Elizabeth finds Nikolas holding Emily and not letting her go. She tries to talk him into moving away from Emily, but he wont let her go. Jason holds Nikolas so that Liz can inject him with a needle and get him to let go of Emily so Jason to lift her and carry her somewhere to lay her down. Sonny arrives and sees a lifeless Emily in Jason's arms. Sonny takes Emily's death hard. In the meantime, Nikolas has a dream that he is dancing with Emily, then suddenly turns on her and strangles her. Nikolas wakes up and yells out for her. Liz rushes over to him. Nikolas tries to go over to her, but Liz wants him to rest. Jason comes over and tells Nikolas that Emily is dead, but Nikolas refuses to believe it. He thinks it was just a nightmare. He holds Emily's hand and notices how cold it is. He asks her to please speak to him. He pulls the sheet off her face and sees the marks on her neck. He cries and asks how this happened to her. Why did she come back? He loved her, and now he killed her. Jason is stunned to hear this, but Liz tells him that Nikolas doesn't know what he's saying. Even Emily believed that Nikolas wouldn't hurt her. Jason reminds Liz that Emily's judgment was clouded by love. Lulu and Johnny come in and give their sympathy to Nikolas. He says this is all his fault, but Lulu tries to reassure him and tell him that this isn't his fault. Nikolas screams out and asks why everyone is trying to protect him. Lulu tells Johnny that Nikolas is in shock. He doesn't realize that Anthony did this. After Johnny and Lulu leave, Jason and Liz hear gunshots outside. Jason decides to go check it out and he rushes out. Liz tries to comfort Nikolas, but he's inconsolable. Anthony comes from behind and grabs her without Nikolas noticing. Nikolas talks to Emily about how he can not live without her. Then he notices a gun. He picks it up and holds it to his chest while he continues to tell Emily that he can not live without her in his life. He knows she would want him to be strong for Spencer's sake, but he can't do this without her. He sinks to the ground, still holding the gun. He tells her the person she expected him to be doesn't exist without her. Sam comes in and asks what happened. He tells her that he had another blackout. When he woke up he tried to revive Emily, but it was to no avail. She asks if anyone else knows, and he tells her that Jason and some other people know. He doesn't care, though. Elizabeth gave him a shot to help ease the pain, but nothing will help the pain. Liz walks in the room with Nikolas and sees him talking to Sam. Liz tries to stay out of the way, but Sam comes over and yells at her for leaving her best friend and Nikolas. They bicker about Jason and Lucky until Sam decides to leave to find Lucky.

Liz tells Nikolas that a helicopter has come to the island. They will take Emily soon. Nikolas asks her to stay with Emily. He has something he needs to do. When he leaves, Liz talks to Emily and cries over losing her best friend. A cop comes in and asks about Emily. Liz gives him the details that she knows. She says Emily's fiancé asked that she stay with her. Carly and Jason come in and tell them what they know. The cop asks Jason why he keeps popping up everywhere. Meanwhile, Nikolas goes to the highest parapet at Wyndamire. Nadine arrives, and Nikolas talks to her about how it was such a perfect moment when he proposed to Emily and she accepted. What has he done to her? Nadine tries to get him inside. She tells him he is in shock. Nikolas tells her there is no point in anything without Emily.

Liz tells the police officer that Nikolas would never hurt Emily. It had to be Anthony that killed her. She tells them everything that happened. The officer asks Carly and Jason who arrived on the scene first. Jason says he did. All he saw was Nikolas holding his dead sister. The officer wants to know where Nikolas is now. Jason and Liz go over to Emily's body. She tells him she's going to stay with her. Jason is going to go tell Monica what happened before she hears it from someone else. When Liz is alone with Emily, she tells her how beautiful she was last night. All her dreams finally came true. She's not going to waste another minute of her life. Sam overhears as Liz tells Emily that she's going to follow her heart. Sam tells her she is still looking for Lucky. Liz suggests she tell Mac, but Sam erupts into a fit of anger again, blaming Liz for hurting Lucky. Nikolas walks in as they are putting Emily in a body bag. He starts yelling at them to get out of his house and hugs Emily's lifeless body. Sam tries to comfort him, but he pushes her away. Liz ends up comforting Nikolas as they take Emily's body away.

The next morning, Nikolas sits alone in the empty, wrecked ballroom. When Lesley brings Spencer over, Nikolas asks her to keep his son for a while longer. A distraught Nikolas ultimately convinces Lesley to take care of Spencer, explaining that he's in no shape to give the boy what he needs. Afterwards, Nikolas visits Monica to thank her for raising such an amazing woman.

Thanksgiving montage with everyone having dinner. Luke and Tracy snuggle up in his hospital bed. Patrick visits Leyla in the hospital and brings her a remote control race car. Monica stares at Emily's picture on the fireplace mantle. Nikolas returns the wrecked ballroom and sees himself dancing with Emily.

Sam visits Nikolas to make sure he's okay. He is still sitting in the messed up ballroom, refusing to have it cleaned up. He blames himself for Emily's death. Later, Jason arrives. Consumed with grief over losing Emily, Nikolas blows up when Jason questions him. Nikolas makes Jason admit that Emily would still be alive if he would have stayed with her. Detective Harper arrives to question Nikolas, and grows suspicious of Nikolas' lack of memory. Later, Nikolas has a nightmare in which he strangles Emily.

On the day of Emily's funeral, Nikolas yells at Alfred for packing up all of Emily's things. Alexis arrives and tells him that yelling at Alfred wont bring Emily back. Everyone gathers at the church. Jason attends Emily's funeral, but doesn't make his presence known. As Elizabeth delivers her heartfelt and emotional eulogy, she notices Jason listening from the vestibule. Afterwards, Nikolas leaves. A grief stricken Nikolas returns to Wyndemere, struggling to imagine the rest of his life without Emily, But to his surprise, Emily is there! Nikolas thinks he is hallucinating when he comes into his bedroom and sees Emily, still wearing her white gown from the Black & White Ball, standing there waiting for him. Nikolas approaches her and thinks he is dreaming her up. He finds out that he can touch her and she seems very much alive. He tells her she can't be real because he just came back from her funeral and he was the one responsible for her death. Emily tells him he would never hurt her and that she is alive and right there. Nikolas tells her that she isn't real and that he must be dreaming about her. Emily tells him that she is right there. Nikolas hugs her and kisses her. He thinks he is insane and doesn't care right now because she is in his arms and feels very much alive. Nikolas asks her to tell him what the last thing she remembers doing at the ball. Emily remembers going to find him but doesn't remember anything else after that. Nikolas tells her that he yelled at her and then he doesn't remember what happened afterwards either. Later, while they are talking, Alfred knocks on his door and tells him he brought him something to eat. Nikolas hesitates before going to his door and opening it. Alfred comes into the room with a tray of food and apologizes for intruding but he felt Nikolas should eat something. Nikolas thanks him for the food. Alfred tells him that he thought the funeral was very touching and that everyone will miss Emily. Emily realizes that Alfred can't see her and that she is dead. After Alfred leaves, Nikolas sees that Emily is crying and trying to accept that she is dead. Nikolas tells her that he can see her, talk to her and touch her and that she will always be with him even if she is dead. He goes over to her and holds her while she cries.

The next morning, Emily appears again and reads the newspaper headline about her death. "It's true? I'm really dead?" Nikolas tells her he needs a room next to Anthony Zacharra in the looney bin, because he has to be crazy. Emily keeps insisting she is as real as he needs her to be. Alexis arrives to speak to Nikolas about being alone, and shutting himself off from the people who care about him. The whole time she is talking, she doesn't see Emily standing right there. After Alexis leaves, Emily continues trying to convince Nikolas that she is really with him, that he would never hurt her. Later, Harper arrives to arrest Nikolas for Emily's murder due to the fact that his blood was found on her mask, but he has no warrant. He's only blowing smoke. He gives Nikolas an opportunity to turn himself in and absolve his guilt if he snapped and killed her on impulse. Nikolas tells him to leave unless he's ready to arrest him for real. Harper leaves. Emily tells Nikolas not to even think about confessing. If he does, he will be protecting her killer, the person who took away her future.

Nikolas goes to GH and is surprised when he is able to see Emily there dressed in her scrubs. He tells her that he is going to see a specialist in Zurich about his blackouts. Emily congratulates him and encourages him to follow through with his treatments. Nikolas says he can't tell anyone that he is seeing her, because they will lock him up in a rubber room, and he'll loose her forever.

Nikolas returns home from Switzerland. Emily appears to him and welcomes him home. Lucky and Lulu soon arrive and ask him if he found out what's wrong with him. Nikolas says the tests were inconclusive. They don't know what's wrong with him. Nikolas asks Lucky to investigate Emily's death and find out who killed her even if it was him. Alexis and Sam arrive to find out the same thing. Nikolas comes clean and tells them that the specialist did find out what's wrong with him. He has an inoperable brain tumor. They all insist that he have the test results forwarded to Patrick, but Nikolas can't tell them the real reason he doesn't want to pursue it: he doesn't want to loose his vision of Emily.

New Years Eve: Alfred asks Nikolas if he's settled in for the night. Lucky arrives and asks Nikolas to spend New Year's a the Metro Court, but Nikolas opts to stay home. Thanksgiving Montage: Nikolas is with Emily.

Nikolas returns to the den and is delighted to find Emily there waiting for him. Soon, Lulu shows up, wanting him to get some fresh air. She suggests a walk. Nikolas agrees. On his way out the door, he holds out his hand to Emily, inviting her to come with. Later, he returns to the den with Emily and asks her, "What if this thing kills me?" Emily tells him that their love survived cancer, and it can survive this.


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